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The Incredibles Scenes 11-15

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Scenes 11-15

Scenes 11-15

Scene 11

  • Even more depressed than usual, Bob returns home and goes straight to his office, which is adorned with memorabilia from his glory days.
  • As he clears out his briefcase, an unfamiliar tablet falls out. What's this?
  • He turns it on and is met with a message telling him to "Hold Still."
  • The tablet scans his face and announces that it's found a match for "Mr. Incredible." Bob throws the tablet to the floor startled, but the computer continues scanning the room.
  • A message plays over the tablet: it's the silver-haired lady. She introduces herself as Mirage.
  • She claims to work for a top-secret division of the government. A disaster happened at a testing facility recently, and they need his help. For a hefty reward, of course.
  • She gives him a number and tells him to call her within a day.
  • Bob is excited and confused. Confu-cited? Ex-fused? Eh, not our best swing at bat.
  • The tablet self-destructs, as all good top-secret missions do, sending sprinklers off in the entire house.
  • As Bob dries the family's belongings, Helen makes peace with her super-heroic hubby, telling him that she appreciates how hard he works for the family.
  • About that hard work, Bob says. Uh...He's going to a big conference soon. Yeah, that's the ticket.
  • Later that evening, Bob calls Mirage. He wants in.

Scene 12

  • A blue jet streaks across the sky. Inside, Mirage is giving Bob (now suited up as Mr. Incredible) the 4-1-1 on his mission.
  • Apparently, the aforementioned disaster was caused when a prototype battle robot called the Omnidroid 9000 went rogue.
  • Its AI went crazy and it's now laid waste to the secret government testing facility, which is located on a remote island.
  • Mr. Incredible's job is not to destroy the Omnidroid, but to shut it off without causing significant damage so it can be reused. Gotta be responsible with that taxpayer cash.
  • Mr. Incredible is dropped to the island, where he struggles to squeeze his amply sized gut out of the escape pod. Dude's not quite in superhero shape.
  • After exploring the island for some time, Mr. Incredible finds the Omnidroid. They start battling and Mr. Incredible immediately seems outmatched by his robotic foe.
  • The Omnidroid chases Mr. Incredible into a rocky crevice and begins chucking rocks at him. To escape, Mr, Incredible dives into an underground cave, which is conveniently dotted with pools of lava.
  • Mr. Incredible throws the Omnidroid into the lava, but it emerges unscathed, if not a bit angry.
  • Somehow, Mr. Incredible manages to crawl inside the droid itself, confusing it into destroying its own robotic brain.
  • This is being watched remotely by Mirage and a mysterious, shadowy figure. The shadowed figure tells Mirage that he wants to bring Mr. Incredible back for another round.
  • Oh yeah, he continues, and don't forget to invite him to dinner.
  • The dinner is in a giant chamber, complete with lava walls. This seems more like a super villain sanctuary than a government facility.
  • The mysterious figure doesn't show, so Mr. Incredible and Mirage dine alone. Romantic. What would Helen think?

Scene 13

  • Bob is a new man when he returns home. He and Helen are as lovey-dovey as teenagers, and for the first time the dude is an actually attentive father.
  • The family also has a lot fancier of cars now, thanks to Bob's new gig.
  • Instead of going off to work every day, Bob dedicates his days to superhero training. No more oversized gut for Bobby boy. It's time to get swole.

Scene 14

  • After noticing that his costume is torn, Bob heads off to "work," but instead of an insurance office, he arrives at a giant mansion, complete with a laser fence and professional guards.
  • Bob is allowed inside, where he meets the home's owner—a tiny woman with a ridiculous accent. She seems to be a fashion designer based on how they're talking.
  • Edna, it turns out, used to make costumes for the world's superheroes. Now she deals with supermodels. We don't know which is cooler.
  • Bob shows her the torn costume, but she refuses to mend it—that thing is ugly. She wants to make him a brand new suit.
  • Psyched, Bob asks if she can include a sweet cape with the new digs. No way, says Edna. Capes are a serious safety hazard.
  • Still trying to pretend that he isn't actively superhero-ing, Bob asks Edna if she can still fix the old suit while she designs a new one. She agrees.

Scene 15

  • Helen is doing laundry back home when she notices a strange thread on one of Bob's jackets. Maybe even...a lock of silver hair?
  • The phone rings, and Bob shouts across the house that he'll answer it. Now suspicious, Helen picks up the receiver and quietly listens in.
  • Bob is talking to Mirage about meeting up the following day for a new job, but from Helen's perspective it sounds an awful lot like Bobby Boy is fooling around on her.
  • Helen confronts Bob in his office, though she doesn't reveal that she was listening to his conversation. He tells her that he has another conference coming up.
  • He leaves the next morning. Though she now knows that her husband is lying to her, Helen doesn't say a thing.

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