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The Incredibles Scenes 16-20

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Scenes 16-20

Scenes 16-20

Scene 16

  • Bob is enjoying a tasty shrimp cocktail as he flies back to the mysterious island.
  • He's wearing his brand new red suit, courtesy of Edna. (No cape.) Pretty sharp.
  • The plane pulls double duty as a sub, diving under the water as it approaches the island and pulling up into a secret underwater cave entrance.
  • Mirage is waiting. The two ride a Disney World-esque monorail system through the island and into the core of the volcano at its center.
  • Bob has his own room, and it's basically a luxury hotel. Sweet deal.
  • Back home, Helen is...vacuuming. Yeah. Less sweet.
  • As she cleans Bob's office, she stumbles across his costume and notices the tear that was recently mended. And she knows that there's only one person skilled enough to sew that thread: Edna.
  • Helen calls Edna, who excitedly tells the confused former-superheroine about her brand new costume. Huh? Wanting to figure out what the heck is going on, Helen agrees to meet Edna.
  • Meanwhile, Bob enters a conference room to meet his mysterious benefactor, but the room is empty.
  • Suddenly, one of the walls pulls back to reveal...the Omnidroid 9000.
  • Someone is talking over the droid's intercom about how it's become bigger, stronger, and faster. Exactly what Incredi-Bob wants to hear right now.
  • Just as the droid is about to remove Mr. Incredible's head from his body, a masked figure flies up and lands on the giant robot, deactivating it. Who's this clown?
  • This Ginger Goku-looking fool talks aimlessly about how he prepared the droid to take on Mr. Incredible by first training it on other superheroes.
  • After Mr. Incredible handily defeated it the first time, however, he decided to go all out.
  • What's all this about? The orange-haired weirdo then tells Mr. Incredible that he's his "biggest fan."
  • With a start, Mr. Incredible realizes that this is Buddy, now older. Buddy, in case you forgot, was that kid who wanted to be Incrediboy at the beginning of the movie.
  • Nah, says the baddie, I'm not Buddy anymore. After Mr. Incredible destroyed his dream, he dedicated himself to evil instead of good.
  • Namely, by building weapons he plans to sell to all sorts of evil despots and dictators. A real winner, this one.
  • Mr. Incredible goes on the attack, but Buddy shoots him with a laser that freezes him in place, and allows Buddy to toss him around.
  • And toss him around he does. After announcing his totally cool bad guy name, the newly christened Syndrome accidentally tosses Mr. Incredible halfway across the island.
  • Mr. Incredible lands at the edge of a waterfall, with Syndrome in hot pursuit. Miraculously, Incredible leap down into the raging waters below before Syndrome can reach him.
  • Syndrome activates a small device and drops it into the water. Uh oh. You don't have to be rocket scientists to figure out that this sucker is a bomb.
  • Mr. Incredible narrowly avoids the blast, though it shoots him into a small, dark cave.
  • In the corner of the cave he sees a horrifying sight: a corpse in a superhero costume. As he gets closer, he realizes that it's his old friend Gazerbeam. Poor buddy.
  • Even more mysterious is a message etched into the wall across from Gazerbeam: the word "KRONOS." That's real descriptive, dead guy. Thanks a lot.
  • Suddenly, a drone enters the cave and starts scanning—presumably for Mr. Incredible—but he hides behind his friend's corpse to evade detection. Thanks pal.

Scene 17

  • While Bob is brawling with the ultimate BattleBot, Edna is leading Helen through her mansion.
  • As it turns out, Edna made costumes for the whole family—including baby Jack-Jack.
  • She made one for Dash that's custom-designed to reduce chafing at high speeds. That'll reduce the monthly baby powder budget.
  • For Violet, Edna designed a suit that will turn invisible when she does. Now that's convenient.
  • Finally, Edna designed a suit for Helen that is both indestructible and flexible enough to stretch as far as she can.
  • As a bonus, each suit is loaded with a homing device, allowing the family to keep tabs on each other at all times. Well, as long as they aren't naked, that is.
  • Helen, though impressed, is upset that Bob has been getting into this nonsense despite "retiring" as a superhero. For her part, Edna just assumed that Helen knew what was up.

Scene 18

  • Back on the evil island, Mr. Incredible has escaped the cave. He spots two baddies driving a monorail and promptly hijacks it.
  • Uh-oh—there's a checkpoint ahead. Mr. Incredible solves the problem by literally throwing the monorail at the bad guys. Not subtle, but it works.
  • He creeps closer and closer to Syndrome's hideout, taking out the guards as he approaches. Give him a cardboard box and call him Solid Snake, 'cause our boy can sneak.
  • Mr. Incredible distracts the remaining guards and sneaks inside without being detected.
  • There are patrolling guards everywhere. Creeping deeper into the facility, Mr. Incredible enters a rocky, volcanic area that we recognize from his arrival on the island.
  • Just as Bob is about to pass through one of the lava barriers, however, Mirage enters the room. Yikes. He avoids her gaze and hustles through the gap before it closes.
  • He ends up in a dark room, with a single spotlight shining on a seat in the center. It's some sort of...desk?
  • As soon as Mr. Incredible sits down, the room's massive walls light up: this entire room is a big computer screen. And it's asking Mr. Incredible for a password. What could it be?
  • The answer is "Kronos," which is what Gazerbeam etched into the walls of his death cave.
  • Mr. Incredible starts poking around the super PC in the hopes of finding something useful.
  • While this is going down, Helen is calling the insurance agency to find out where Bob is. The receptionist drops the bomb: Bob was fired months ago.
  • We cut back to Bob, who's clicking on a menu labeled "Supers." It shows a long list of superheroes who were killed on the island, detailing how their battles were used to improve the design of the Omnidroid.
  • At the same time, Edna is giving Helen the tracking device she made for the suits. Dang—why didn't they try this, like, hours ago?
  • On a whim, Mr. Incredible looks up Elastigirl (that's Helen) in the system. Luckily, her location is unknown. Unfortunately, the same can't be said about Frozone. That dude's in the crosshairs.
  • He learns that his own "death" led to the creation of the final version of the Omnidroid.
  • The droid will be launched from the island on a rocket to the mainland, where it will lay waste to an unnamed city. Oh yeah—and it'll launch in 8 hours.
  • You really should've gone with two-factor authentication, Syndrome.
  • Back at Edna's abode, Helen activates the tracking beacon, tracing Bob to a tiny island in the middle of the Pacific. Weird place for an insurance conference, huh?
  • Unfortunately, that beacon also activates a siren on Mr. Incredible's suit, which comes at about the worst possible moment for him.
  • The facility's defense systems activate, blasting Mr. Incredible with black globs of expanding goop that hold him in place.
  • The last thing he sees before passing out is Mirage's approach.

Scene 19

  • Meanwhile, Helen is crying up a storm in Edna's kitchen. She's convinced that Bob's cheating on her.
  • Edna is aghast at Helen's attitude. She's Elastigirl, for Logan's sake. She needs to go get her man.
  • So Helen decides to go. She leaves Violet in charge of the younger kids, though she's vague on the details.
  • The kids barge into her bedroom as she's packing, however, and they're loving the look of their new costumes. They grab hold of them while Helen's distracted by a phone call.
  • Helen kicks the kids out of the room while she talks to her friend, who she refers to as "Snug." She wants a jet.
  • Meanwhile, the kids quickly realize the special abilities of their suits. Oh great.

Scene 20

  • Helen is piloting a jet towards the island. As she approaches, she tries to contact the local radio tower, but no one responds.
  • She gets nervous and eyes her costume.
  • Finally, she gives in, putting the plane in autopilot and sneaking off into the bathroom to slip into something a little more...heroic.
  • As she flies, Bob is locked in a giant futuristic contraption, bound by his hands and feet by cords of electricity. Fancy.
  • Syndrome approaches and gives a classic bad guy speech. He's impressed that Mr. Incredible was able to escape the OmniDroid, but finds it cowardly that the guy sent out a homing signal.
  • Mr. Incredible doesn't know what Syndrome is talking about, which earns him a hefty shock of electricity.
  • Then the baddie plays the recording of Helen calling the radio tower and Bob starts freaking.
  • On the plane, Helen emerges from the bathroom and tosses her bag on a chair. And the chair...yelps?
  • With a start, Helen realizes that Violet snuck on the plane with her new invisibility suit.
  • Violet blames Dash, but the little rapscallion pops out of a corner and starts denying his own culpability,
  • And where's Jack-Jack? Home alone? No way. The kids called a local teenager named Kari to be his babysitter.
  • Helen isn't into this, but she doesn't have time to debate—two homing missiles are heading directly towards the plane.
  • She dodges their first pass by diving through the clouds, but more keep coming.
  • Helen shouts back to Violet to put a force field around the plane. There are too many missiles, and they can't dodge them all.
  • Violet struggles, but just can't do it. As the missiles hit the ship, Helen stretches her body around the children to protect them from the blast, transforming into a parachute as they fall.
  • They land in the water. Thankfully, everyone has survived—but they have no idea what they're going to do now.
  • Bob, who's heard this whole thing happen over the radio, is devastated—he believes that his entire family was just murdered in cold blood.
  • Syndrome laughs in his face, and we can see rage boiling behind Bob's eyes.
  • Bob overpowers his shackles momentarily and reaches out to grab Syndrome, but Mirage dives in front of him at the last moment.
  • Bob grabs Mirage instead and threatens to kill her. Syndrome doesn't flinch, and—of course—Bob doesn't go through with it. He releases her.
  • Mirage, on the other hand, seems shaken by the whole encounter.
  • Meanwhile, Helen uses the path of the missiles to track the location of the island. So are they gonna swim there?
  • Nah—it's way better. Helen stretches herself into the shape of a boat and Dash uses his super-fast feet as a motor. It's one of those things you have to see to truly appreciate.

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