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The Incredibles Scenes 21-25

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Scenes 21-25

Scenes 21-25

Scene 21

  • It's night on the island, and the family has just made it to land. Helen and Dash are so exhausted they can hardly make it up the beach.
  • They find a cave and make a fire. Helen gives the kids their masks and tells them to sit tight—she's going to look for their dad. And if anyone shows up, they better use their powers.
  • Violet runs after Helen as she leaves, profusely apologizing for failing to protect the plane with her force field. Helen forgives her, but promises Violet that she's more powerful than she thinks.

Scene 22

  • At Big Baddie Base, Syndrome is admiring the rocket that will send the new and improved Omnidroid out to do its city-destroying business.
  • Mirage is pissed at Syndrome for the whole "willing-to-let-her-die" deal. She storms off.
  • Outside, Helen spots a monorail passing by overhead. She grabs hold with one stretchy arm and enjoys a hitchhike to Syndrome HQ.
  • As she enters the building, she sees the same rocket that Syndrome was just admiring. She hops off and takes a look.
  • Helen sneaks about, and thanks to her stretchy powers, she's pretty darn good at it.
  • That is, until her stretched-out frame gets caught in a series of doors, leaving her stuck beside two approaching guards.
  • She takes them out lickety-split, but it isn't long before a whole group of soldiers have approached her.
  • They all meet Helen's stretchy fists and feet, and the superheroine is finally able to free herself.
  • Back at the cave, Violet is trying and failing to create tiny force fields. Poor girl.
  • Dash suddenly announces that he's going to explore the cave, much to his older sister's chagrin.
  • Meanwhile, the Omnidroid is being loaded into the rocket. This sucker is about to blast off.
  • As Dash goes deeper into the cave, the rockface transitions into the sleek concrete that we recognize from Syndrome's base. Weird.
  • At that very moment, Syndrome gives the order for launch, and the rocket starts firing up.
  • Coincidentally, Dash sees an explosion of flames ahead of him in the concrete tunnel. Uh-oh. The rocket's afterburners must be blasting down here.
  • He rushes back and grabs Violet as he runs out. Outside the cave, they watch fearfully as the rocket blasts off from the top of the volcano.
  • Meanwhile, Mommy Dearest has snuck into the control center of the facility. She notices a computer readout of a prison cell that's sapping up an absurd amount of energy.
  • That must be Bob.
  • The rocket has now reached outer space. It releases its payload—a small jet—which is flying directly towards a city that looks an awful lot like Manhattan.

Scene 23

  • The next morning, the Incredible kids wake up in the jungle.
  • Dash gets up first. He hears a robotic voice asking for an identification code, but strangely it's coming from a...bird?
  • That bird, it turns out, is an alarm system, and the thing starts blaring. The kids high-tail it out of there as Syndrome's henchmen lurch towards their location.
  • Meanwhile, Mirage enters the cell where Mr. Incredible is being held. To our surprise, she walks up to the computer console and deactivates the system, leaving Mr. Incredible as free as a turd.
  • Er, bird. Typo. Can you guys edit that out?
  • Mirage runs up to Mr. Incredible, but the guy once again grabs her threateningly. He assumes that she's only here to inflict more damage on his psyche.
  • She tells him that his family survived. He releases her. Then hugs her. It's a strange moment.
  • And of course this is when Helen decides to walk by. Assuming her man is doing some dirt, she gives Mirage a swift (and stretchy) punch to the face.
  • The couple runs off to find the kids, already bickering over whose fault this is. Love, sweet love.
  • Meanwhile, the jig is up—the kids have been caught. With their backs against the wall, the kids use their powers: Violet goes invisible and Dash runs the heck away.
  • With the baddies hot on his tail, Dash launches himself into the air with a vine, but only ends up landing on top of a bad guy's hovercraft.
  • Dash, a child, has a fist fight with an adult man. He loses.
  • Luckily, he manages to break his fall after being thrown from the hovercraft and keeps a'running.
  • Dash almost panics as he approaches an inlet, but quickly discovers that he can legit run on water. Wow. So, if your wedding is short on wine, folks—just call Dash.
  • Meanwhile, the still-arguing parents are running towards the kids' location.
  • Back in the jungle, Violet is being stalked by a baddie, but at the last second Dash leaps in and attacks the henchman.
  • Just as the henchman is about to shoot Dash, Violet reappears, placing a circular force field around them both that sends the bullets ricocheting.
  • Atta girl. Dash uses the force field like a hamster ball, sprinting deeper into the jungle…
  • ...and right on top of their parents. There's no time for a happy reunion, however, because the whole family has to fight off the remaining henchmen.
  • Just before the fam is about to take the W, however, Syndrome pops in and freezes them all in place with his stun ray.
  • Remember: he didn't previously know anything about Bob's family. But now he does and boy is he pleased with himself.

Scene 24

  • Inside the base, Syndrome is showing the family (all now locked up) a news broadcast about the Omnidroid's holiday to the mainland.
  • He announces his plan: after the Omnidroid does tons of damage, he'll fly in at the last moment and save the day to great fanfare—of course neglecting to mention that he built the darn thing.
  • He also wants to sell his inventions to the masses so everyone can have superpowers. Yeah, we're sure that'll work out swell.
  • Syndrome leaves the family and boards a jet.
  • Back on the mainland, the Omnidroid emerges from the jet. It's immediately assaulted by military forces, though it blasts back as good as its gets.
  • Mr. Incredible is watching this unfold with fear. He tells the family that he blames himself for all of this—he's been a "lousy father."
  • As he talks, Violet slips out of her restraints and frees the rest of the family. Well, that was easy.
  • The family runs to the hangar, where they look for something to transport them back home. They settle on a rocket, because why not?
  • But there's one problem—how are they going to break in? It's surely password protected, and Syndrome would've changed them by now.
  • Mirage comes over the intercom and offers to help. Well, isn't that convenient.

Scene 25

  • We're inside Lucius' apartment as he puts on aftershave. Suddenly, he spots something outside his window: the Omnidroid.
  • He activates a secret compartment only to reveal that...his costume is missing. He argues with his wife as he tears apart the apartment looking for it.
  • The Omnidroid is laying waste to the city. Just then, a superhero appears. It''s...Syndrome. Oh boy.
  • While the crowd debates which superhero he is, Syndrome makes a big show of "fighting" the Omnidroid, when he is in fact deactivating its defenses with a wrist-mounted computer.
  • But the Omnidroid quickly smartens up, tearing the computer off his wrist and sending Syndrome running away. In other words, the Omnidroid is now free.
  • Meanwhile, the Incredible family has just arrived in the city. They had attached an RV to the bottom of the jet, and are now going all destruction derby on the city streets.
  • After the car comes to a screeching stop, Mr. Incredible gets off to fight the Omnidroid alone. Helen thinks this is ridiculous: he needs their help.
  • Bob admits that he's scared of losing Helen and they kiss passionately.
  • Their kiss is interrupted by the Omnidroid, which destroys the RV seconds after the kids leap out.
  • It lifts a clawed arm to crush them too, but Violet once again saves the day with her force field power. The Omnidroid is so powerful that she gets knocked unconscious.
  • Mr. Incredible distracts the Omnidroid while Helen shepherds the kids off to safety.
  • While Bob is fist-fighting the giant robot, he sees the arrival of an old friend: Frozone.
  • It's on.
  • Just then, Mr. Incredible notices Syndrome's wrist remote on the ground. He grabs it and manages to deactivate one of the Omnidroid's arms, sending it clattering to the ground.
  • He tosses the remote to Dash, who catches it despite being shot at by the Omnidroid. It knocks it out of his hands before he can use it, however.
  • Bob goes for it but is trapped by one of the Omnidroid's claws.
  • Next at bat is Violet, who grabs the remote and runs off. She desperately clicks at the remote, but can't figure out how to use it.
  • Suddenly, Bob makes a realization: the only thing powerful enough to destroy the Omnidroid is the Omnidroid.
  • He grabs the deactivated claw and runs towards the Omnidroid with it outstretched like a javelin. He shouts to Helen to activate the claw's rocket booster.
  • He lets it loose. It's a direct hit, piercing the Omnidroid directly though its artificial brain. A huge explosion follows.
  • The surviving citizens applaud, while on a roof nearby Syndrome is watching, growing angry.

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