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The Incredibles Scenes 26-27

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Scenes 26-27

Scenes 26-27

Scene 26

  • In a black car, Agent Rick is explaining to the family that the government has frozen all of Syndrome's assets.
  • No word on whether they'll be allowed to be public superheroes again, but only time will tell on that one.
  • Helen is listening to a bunch of messages from the babysitter, which are increasingly panicked. Uh-oh.
  • On the last message, the sitter thanks her for sending a replacement. Helen freaks—they didn't send a replacement.
  • They rush into the house to find Jack-Jack in Syndrome's arms. Syndrome blasts them with his good old-fashioned stun ray.
  • Ranting about how he'll make Jack-Jack his new sidekick, Syndrome launches through the roof towards a waiting airship with the baby in tow.
  • As they approach the ship, however, something crazy happens: Jack-Jack starts transforming. First into a ball of fire; then into solid metal; then into a little demon child.
  • These transfigurations cause Syndrome to drop him. Bob throws Helen up to the baby, and she once again uses her body as a parachute to bring him down gently.
  • Syndrome is still taunting the family from the jet, so Bob throws a car at him. Well, that works. Dude's dead.
  • The wreckage from the exploding plane falls on the family, but Violet protects them all with her force field.

Scene 27

  • It's three months later, and Dash is getting ready to race at a track meet.
  • Violet is in the crowd, and she has a long conversation with that hunky hunk Tony. He asks her on a date to the movies, but to be honest, she does most of the talking.
  • The race starts and Dash intentionally stays in the back of the pack. He eventually decides to win second place, knowing that in reality he could blaze past any of the kids with ease.
  • The family is walking to their car after the race when out of nowhere the earth splits open. A giant drill burst forth from the ground.
  • A small creature emerges, announcing himself as the Underminer. He starts his bad guy rant, but before he's finished, the family has already slipped on their superhero masks.
  • Oh yeah. It's about to get Incredible up in here.

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