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The Incredibles Scenes 6-10

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Scenes 6-10

Scenes 6-10

Scene 6

  • We cut to the exterior of Western View Junior High.
  • A nervous looking Goth girl is standing outside the building when the bell rings, which makes her look even more nervous.
  • Tony, a black-turtleneck-adorned hunk, emerges from the building. Well that explains the nervousness.
  • As Tony approaches the girl, however, she disappears. Like, uh, turns invisible. Literally.
  • Her ride arrives: it's Momma Incredible and Dash. She—Violet—must be part of the fam.

Scene 7

  • Bob looks depressed when he arrives home. Ever heard of self-care, buddy?
  • He even reads the newspaper in the middle of dinner. That's not exactly the kind of dinnertime conversation engagement that we like to have.
  • Helen makes Dash come clean about his visit to the principal's office, but Bob just seems excited about how quickly Dash must have been moving to dodge the camera.
  • He gets so excited, in fact, that he accidentally breaks the table while cutting his food. Ikea furniture will do that.
  • So he storms off angrily, leaving poor Helen alone with the kids—who are now arguing, of course. (Teens, arewerite?)
  • The kids bust out their superpowers and before you know it they're brawling, with Dash, uh, dashing around, and Violet turning invisible and creating force fields like it's no one's business.
  • Elsewhere, Bob is still reading the newspaper. He notices with a start that Simon Paladino, a superhero rights advocate, has been reported missing.
  • Just as he returns to the table to break up the fight, there's ring at the door. It's Lucius, the former Frozone.
  • Lucius and Bob get ready to leave. It's Wednesday. Bowling night, y'all.
  • Helen is as pleased as you can imagine. That is to say: not at all.
  • Violet is upset. Nobody in this family is normal, she claims, except Jack-Jack the baby, who's the only one who doesn't have superpowers. That little brat.

Scene 8

  • Pulled over on the side of the road, Lucius and Bob trade stories about their former exploits as superheroes. Yeah, these guys are in full midlife crisis mode.
  • Their reminiscing is interrupted by news over the police scanner: a robbery is underway. Bob wants to go fight some crime, but Lucius scoffs. He'd rather be bowling for real.
  • Unbeknownst to them, they're being watching from across the street by a strange lady with ice white hair.
  • Apparently, Bob and Lucius do this "fake-bowling-but-actually-crime-fighting" deal every week, and Lucius is tired of it.
  • Lucius compares Bob to an old superhero buddy of theirs named Gazerbeam who couldn't adjust to civilian life. Gazerbeam, Bob notes, is Simon Paladino—the guy who just went missing.
  • Suddenly, another report comes over the radio: a fire. With Lucius unable to hold Bob back any longer, they drive off, tailed closely by their silver-haired stalker.
  • Donning ski masks, the two men rush inside the burning building and save a bundle of civvies. Talk about a job well done.
  • Unfortunately, their escape lands them smack dab in the middle of a jewelry store. And the cops have just arrived. Oh great.
  • Thinking that the two men are thieves, one cop enters the store, gun in hand. Luckily, Lucius manages to freeze him in place (literally) to help them make their escape.
  • That sure won't look suspicious.
  • The two men return to the car and drive away, with the silver-haired stalker looking on.

Scene 9

  • Bob creeps inside the house, but Helen is waiting for him on the couch. And she is ticked.
  • She knows what he's been doing, and can't believe that Bob is risking the family's security to relive his glory days. He needs to think about them, she says.
  • For instance, Bob is refusing to go to Dash's "graduation ceremony." Sure, he's only "graduating" from the fourth to the fifth grade, but that's no excuse not to be there for your kid.
  • They hear footsteps and realize that both kids have been listening the whole time. Bob and Helen try to act like everything's gravy, but it's clear that these issues are simmering like slow-cooked pulled pork.
  • Can you tell we're hungry?
  • Helen sleeps on the couch that night. For real, Bob? You're not gonna give her the bed?
  • Not very super of you, pal.

Scene 10

  • Bob is back at work looking as depressed and bored as ever.
  • Mr. Huph calls him to his office. We're sure this is gonna go well.
  • As Bob leaves his cubicle, a familiar silver-haired visitor creeps inside to poke around. Uh oh.
  • Huph is—and we quote—"not happy." He's deduced that Bob's been helping his customers get their claims accepted (the nerve!) and that does not make Mr. Huph pleased.
  • Just then, Bob looks out the window and sees a man being mugged. He gets up to save the day, but Huph threatens to fire him if he leaves the room.
  • So Bob stays.
  • He does, however, grab Huph in a chokehold and throws him clean through a wall (or, er, several walls) and into the main office. That'll leave a mark.
  • Mr. Huph ends up in the hospital with seemingly every bone in his body broken.
  • Mr. Incredible is sitting outside, but gets up when a suited man emerges from the room.
  • The guy's name is Rick. Rick is a government agent who oversees superhero relations, and it seems like he and Bob have been through this rodeo many times before.
  • When this has happened in the past, the government relocated Bob and the family. Not this time. Now, the Incredibles are on their own.

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