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The Incredibles Dissatisfaction

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A midlife crisis isn't anything to write home about. But midlife crisis with a side order of superpowers? Sign us up. In The Incredibles, Bob Parr—formerly known as Mr. Incredible—is having difficult time now that he's put up the costume and put on the dad jeans. He resents his job for wasting his potential. He resents his wife for not sympathizing with his struggle. He even resents his kids for expecting him to be a good dad. The nerve of those brats, eh? In the end, Bob is forced to confront these problems directly and choose once and for all what kind of man he wants to be.

Questions About Dissatisfaction

  1. Why does Bob go through a midlife crisis? Is there any way he could have avoided it?
  2. Why does Dash act out so much in school?
  3. Is Helen dissatisfied with life as a wife and mother? Explain.
  4. Are the members of the Parr family still dissatisfied with life at the end of the film? Defend your position.

Chew on This

Like a former high school quarterback or washed up musician, Bob can't stand being a regular joe after living a life of fame and glory.

Like his dad, Dash Parr is dissatisfied with life because he feels like he can't show off what makes him special: his superpowers.

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