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The Incredibles Family

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Nobody thinks that their family is normal, but trust us—your goofy dad has nothing on Mr. Incredible. Parents Bob and Helen are superheroes, first off, which carries its fair share of baggage. But their kids have powers too, and they live in a world where superheroes are banned by the government. So what are they to do? 

Conflicted by their thwarted desires to reveal their true selves to the world, the Parr family goes through some serious trials together over the course of The Incredibles, ultimately emerging closer than ever before.

Questions About Family

  1. Are the Parrs a healthy family at the beginning of the film? Explain.
  2. Why does Bob frequently fail to be present as a father?
  3. How are Bob and Helen's parenting styles different? How are they similar?
  4. What are Violet and Dash's roles in the family? Are they content with those roles?

Chew on This

The Parrs are certainly not healthy at the film's onset, as they're unable to genuinely connect with and be honest with each other.

Although they start the film in conflict, the Parrs are definitely a healthy family, as proven by their loyalty to each other when times get hard.

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