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The Incredibles Strength and Skill

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Strength and Skill

Everybody wishes that they had superpowers, but what if you had them, but weren't allowed to use them? That's the predicament facing our titular heroes in The Incredibles. With superheroes officially banned by the government, this super-powered family is left struggling to figure out how to fit in. Young Dash gets in trouble at school. His sister Violet struggles with self-confidence. And father Bob careens into a full-blown midlife crisis. Although they react differently, each family member faces the same conflict between their knowledge of their own strength and their inability to show it.

Questions About Strength and Skill

  1. How do Violet and Dash's relationship with their powers differ?
  2. Do Helen and Bob react differently to the Superhero Relocation Program. If so, explain.
  3. What does "power" and "strength" mean for Syndrome? Do they mean different things to Mr. Incredible?
  4. How do each of the characters' powers relate to their personality?

Chew on This

Dash acts out in school because he isn't allowed to us his powers, which makes him feel like there's nothing special about him.

Because Syndrome was not born with superpowers, he sees strength as something to be inflicted on others, rather than used to help them.

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