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The Lost Weekend Production Studio

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Production Studio

Paramount Pictures

The Lost Weekend was distributed by Paramount Pictures and produced by Billy Wilder's long-time collaborator Charles Brackett. Brackett also co-wrote the script with Wilder, so the dude left his mark on the film in a serious way.

The pair actually collaborated on thirteen movies between 1936 and 1950, which makes their creative partnership seem more like a creative marriage. In contrast to Wilder, who was gregarious and fun-loving, Bracket was a stiff upper-cruster, which sometimes led to conflicts between the pair on set. Still, this odd couple-style partnership only amplified the quality of their output—for one thing, it produced (pun intended) The Lost Weekend.

In fact, The Lost Weekend represented a renewed collaboration between the two, as Wilder had made his previous film Double Indemnity without Brackett. Despite this warm reunion, however, they'd end up breaking up for good in several years, citing irreconcilable differences and never collaborating again.

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