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The Lost Weekend Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Don slowly opens his eyes. He's lying in a bed, staring at an unfamiliar ceiling.
  • As the camera pans around, it becomes clear that Don's in a hospital. There's a man lying beside him babbling, and another standing in front of him silent and motionless.
  • A nurse enters the room and explains to Don that he's in the "alcoholic ward." He got a concussion from the fall, but he's relatively unscathed all told.
  • The nurse's name is "Bim." That's certainly a name. Don begs to be released without his family being notified of the situation.
  • Don tries to just leave the facility, but is blocked by a security guard. Tough luck.
  • Bim tells Don that he will forever be stuck in a cycle of leaving and returning to the alcoholic ward. He says this in an almost taunting way.
  • Bim tries to give him some medicine, but Don refuses.
  • That's a bad idea, according to Bim, because Don will get the DTs (also known as delirium tremens, part of the withdrawal process from alcohol) otherwise.
  • The DTs, by the way, involve hallucinations, typically of small mammals. It's fun stuff.
  • That night, one of Don's suite-mates starts screaming bloody murder. Must be the DTs. Orderlies rush into the room and restrain him
  • Seeing an opportunity, Don rushes out of the room and makes for the exit. Amazingly, he gets out unnoticed.
  • After leaving the building, Don rushes to the subway and hops on a train home.

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