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The Shining Genre

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There are some movies that can be tough to categorize when it comes to genre. But fortunately for us, The Shining isn't one of those movies. You can call it psychological horror, gore horror, or whatever you want; but the fact remains that this is a good ol' horror flick.

Yes, it's totally innovative and it plays with all kinds of horror conventions. But the moment you see bloody ghosts show up and Jack tries to kill his family with an axe, you know you're watching a horror flick. That is, of course, if the elevators full of blood didn't tip you off before all that goes down.

One of the funny things about the filming of The Shining is that the producers never told child actor Danny Lloyd that he was acting in a horror movie. He actually thought he was acting in a family drama, and Kubrick added all the other horrifying stuff only after shooting Danny's scenes. It's the old Kubrick fake-out, which he liked to do with his actors just as much as his audiences.

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