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The Shining Fandoms

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You know how a bunch of crows is called a "murder" and a bunch of chickens is called a "brood"? Well, there's no mass noun for a bunch of superfans of The Shining… but there should be.

There are a ton of them.

Aspiring film students? Check. People who love horror movies? Check. General fans of Jack Nicholson or Shelley Duvall? Checkity check check.

But the spooky thing is that we're just scratching the fandom surface. The main group of Shining superfans are way odder than your run-of-the-mill film geek. In fact the majority of them are conspiracy theorists.

The 2012 documentary Room 237 covers a few of the most popular theories about The Shining. (Yes, The Shining has enough intense fans/speculators than an entire other movie was made about them.) So what are these theories? Well, they range from the hypothesis that The Shining is about the genocide of Native Americans to the hypothesis that The Shining is about the Holocaustto the hypothesis that The Shining contains proof that the Apollo 11 moon landings were fake.

And although you might not buy into the conspiracy theories surrounding The Shining, we're willing to bet you—oh, let's say a winter trip to a remote mountain lodge?—that you'll be a fan after you finish watching this film.

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