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The Shining Screenwriter

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Stanley Kubrick, Diane Johnson, Stephen King (novel)

Although he had a good relationship with Stephen King (author of the novel The Shining), Stanley Kubrick decided to bring in another novelist, Diane Johnson, to help him write the screenplay version of The Shining himself.

Diane Johnson would go on to write a short article about her experience working with Stanley Kubrick after Kubrick's death in 1999, and in it she basically tells fans what many of them already know: Stanley Kubrick was a charming and interesting man to write with, but also insanely demanding on people's time and energy.

Apparently, actress Shelley Duvall's hair even started falling out during the filming of The Shining because she was so stressed out and sleep deprived. (To be fair, that probably helped her harried and freaked-out performance.)

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