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The Shining Summary

The Shining Summary


We watch a car drive up a long and windy road to a fancy-looking hotel way up in the mountains. The whole thing would be beautiful if it weren't for the super creepy music playing in the background.

A dude named Jack Torrance gets out of the car and heads to a meeting with the manager of the hotel, Stuart Ullman. Jack wants to be the caretaker of the hotel when it shuts down for the winter, and despite Ullman's warnings about the horrible isolation of the hotel and the story of a former caretaker murdering his family, Jack still thinks he's good to go.

Back at the Torrance Household, Jack's wife Wendy asks their son Danny if he's excited about living in the hotel. Danny's kind of ho hum about it, but his imaginary friend Tony isn't happy to go to the hotel at all. When Wendy asks why, Danny says he doesn't want to talk about it.

A while later, Danny has a vision of blood pouring out of a hotel elevator and has some sort of blackout. He wakes up to a doctor, who asks his mom about Danny's history and finds out that his dad Jack once dislocated Danny's shoulder while he (Jack) was drunk. It looks like Jack might not be the best husband and dad.

Jack and his family head to the Overlook Hotel and settle in. The hotel's head cook, Mr. Hallorann, takes Danny to eat ice cream and tells Danny that the two of them share a special power called "shining" that allows them to communicate with just their minds. It also allows Danny to see the past and the future.

When the Torrance family is left alone at the hotel, Jack tries to settle down to his writing. But weeks and months pass without him making any progress at all. When Wendy asks how things are going, Jack flips out and gets defensive. He more or less tells Wendy never to talk to him, so Wendy spends most of her time hanging with Danny and exploring the hotel. As time goes by, Danny starts seeing more and more horrifying things around the hotel that seem to reflect all the bad things that happened in the hotel's past.

Over time, Jack loses his mind. We know this for sure when he starts chatting with a bartender named Lloyd who is clearly either a ghost or a figment of Jack's imagination. Jack falls deeper into the world of ghosts and even meets the spirit of Delbert Grady, the former caretaker who murdered his family with an axe. Grady tells Jack that he needs to do the same thing with his family, and Jack totally snaps.

Looking for Jack, Wendy wanders into the writing room and sees that Jack has spent the past several months writing the same line over and over— "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy." She realizes at this point that Jack has gone nuts. He busts in on her, but she uses a bat to knock him out and locks him in the hotel's food storage room. You would think that Wendy and Danny are safe now. But don't speak too soon, because the ghost of Delbert Grady somehow lets Jack out of the room.

So now Jack gets a hold of an axe and comes after Wendy and Danny. In the meantime, Danny's entire body looks like it's been taken over by his imaginary friend Tony, who keeps saying the word "Redrum" over and over. It's only when she sees the word in a mirror that Wendy realizes the word is "Murder" backwards. It's at this moment that Jack's axe hits her apartment door. Wendy runs and lets Danny out of a window while Jack chops his way toward her.

It looks as if it's all over for Wendy until she and Jack hear a snowcat machine approaching the hotel. It turns out that old Mr. Hallorann has heard a mental distress call from Danny and has come to help. But his visit doesn't last long—Jack offs him with an axe.

The death makes Danny scream and reveal his hiding place, and Jack chases him out into the hotel's famous hedge maze during a snowstorm. All Jack has to do is follow Danny's footprints, but Danny is clever and he finds a way to walk backwards through his own footprints to make it look as if his trail just disappears. Danny makes his way out of the maze and escapes with his mother in Hallorann's snowcat machine while Jack freezes to death in the hedge maze.

In the final shot of the movie, the camera pans in on a photograph from the 1920's on the hotel wall… and Jack Torrance is standing front-row center in this photo. So that should make you ask all kinds of questions about the weird time loops that might be happening in this movie. Is Jack Torrance of 1980 just a reincarnation of this dude, or did Jack not appear in the picture until after he died? Feel free to surf the net to see all the crazy theories people have come up with to explain this ending.

  • Scene 1

    Scene 1

    • Open on a shot of the American wilderness with some super ominous music playing. Then we see a car driving along a bunch of windy roads out into the middle of nowhere. We can see some snow-capped mountains as they drive along. It looks like the car is driving to a pretty isolated spot.
    • As the car drives farther, we can see the road getting snowy. And finally, the car arrives at what looks like a big resort.
  • Scene 2

    Scene 2

    • This scene opens with a big title card that reads, "The Interview."
    • It looks like Kubrick is going with an old-fashioned style of storytelling on this one. It almost feels like we're watching an old silent film at this point.
    • Our main character Jack Torrance (played by Jack Nicholson), walks up to the hotel front desk and asks for Mr. Ullman.
    • A woman points him in the right direction and Jack goes to meet the head manager of the hotel.
    • They make their opening pleasantries and the scene fades out.
  • Scene 3

    Scene 3

    • We see a little boy and mom sitting at the breakfast table.
    • The boy asks his mom if she really wants to go live in an old hotel all winter.
    • The mother says it'll be fun and asks if the boy's friend Tony has any ideas on the subject.
    • The little boy then switches into a second voice and speaks as "Tony," saying that he doesn't want to go to the hotel.
  • Scene 4

    Scene 4

    • We're back with Jack at the hotel manager's office. A second man walks in and introduces himself.
    • We find out that Jack has agreed to be a caretaker for the hotel during its off-season.
    • The manager thinks that Jack is a schoolteacher by trade, but Jack says he has given that up to be a full-time writer.
    • The manager says that Jack will take care of the resort from October to May because the resort will be shut down.
    • Jack is surprised that they wouldn't keep the place open for the ski season, but the manager says it's impossible to keep the road to the resort clear during the winter months. It's just too long and windy and there's no feasible way to keep the ploughs rolling all winter just to keep the hotel open.
    • As the manager explains, Jack will have to do general maintenance on the hotel during the offseason to make sure the winter doesn't damage it too badly.
    • That means making sure the pipes don't freeze and all that junk. It's a boring job, but someone's got to do it.
    • The manager mentions that the isolation of the hotel can be hard on people, but Jack says he's working on a new writing project and five months of isolation is exactly what he wants.
    • Before getting everything settled, the manager wants to mention one more thing to Jack. He says that in 1970 (maybe ten years earlier), there was a big "tragedy" at the hotel.
    • A man named Charles Grady came with his wife and two daughters to take care of the hotel during the winter (like Jack).
    • The hotel eventually got to the guy and he snapped, killing his whole family with an axe. Then he killed himself with a shotgun.
    • Jack tells Mr. Ullman that he can rest assured that something like that will never happen with him… and you just know that there's no way this is true.
  • Scene 5

    Scene 5

    • The little boy from Scene 3 stands in the bathroom talking to his imaginary friend Tony. He asks Tony if he thinks his dad will get the job at the hotel.
    • Tony answers that Jack already got the job and that he'll call the boy's mom in a few minutes to tell her.
    • Sure enough, Jack calls and tells his wife that he got the job.
    • Back in the bathroom, the little boy asks Tony why he doesn't want to go to the hotel. Tony answers that he doesn't know, but the boy knows he's lying.
    • When pressed, Tony says he doesn't want to talk about his reasons for not wanting to go. The boy asks one more time, and then we se his eyes go wide with fear.
    • The camera cuts to a shot of a hotel elevator with blood pouring out of it.
    • There's a quick shot of two girls and we see the little boy looking as though he's about to scream.
    • Next thing we know, the boy is in his bed with a doctor looking in on him.
    • The doctor asks him if he smelled anything funny or saw flashing lights when he was brushing his teeth. He lies and says he doesn't remember anything.
    • The doctor wants to know what the boy was doing immediately before he passed out.
    • The boy says he was talking to Tony, a little boy who lives in his mouth.
    • The doctor wants to know if Tony ever tells the boy to do things, but the boy says he doesn't want to talk about Tony anymore.
    • The doctor leaves and tells the boy to stay in bed for the rest of the day.
    • She and the boy's mom head into the next room. The doctor says that Mrs. Torrance has nothing to worry about because she's convinced there's nothing wrong with Danny (the boy).
    • As they chat, we learn that Danny first started talking to Tony when he went to nursery school, which was a tough adjustment for him because he missed school for a while with an injury.
    • When the doctor presses Mrs. Torrance about the injury, we find out that her husband dislocated Danny's shoulder one time while pulling him away from a stack of papers.
    • She also mentions that Jack was drunk at the time. Mrs. Torrance tries to explain it away with excuses, but the doctor looks really concerned.
  • Scene 6

    Scene 6

    • The title card for this scene reads, "Closing Day," which suggests that it's time for Jack, Wendy, and Danny to move into the Overlook Hotel for the winter.
    • From the passenger seat of a car, Wendy talks about how different the air seems up in the mountains.
    • But Jack just says "mm hmm" and acts like he's already annoyed with her.
    • Wendy asks Jack if the Donner Party travelled near the mountains they're staying on, but Jack says he thinks it was farther west.
    • When Danny asks who the Donner Party was, Jack replies that they were a group of American settlers who got caught in the snow and had to eat each other to stay alive. He tells this story with an evil-looking grin on his face.
    • At the hotel, Mr. Ullman comes to meet Jack and show him around. But Jack suggests they go get his wife and son first.
    • Walking through the hotel, Wendy can't stop talking about how beautiful the hotel is.
    • Back in the games room, Danny hangs out alone and throws darts at a dartboard.
    • But when he turns toward the door, he sees the same creepy twin girls from his earlier vision.
    • Without saying anything, they turn and walk away.
    • Back in the other wing of the hotel, Jack and Wendy get settled in before Mr. Ullman shows them outside to the hotel's famous hedge maze.
    • Apparently, the site was built on a Native American burial ground and the builders of the hotel had to repel a few Native American attacks while they were building the place in 1907.
    • He also shows them a vehicle called the snow cat, which they can use to travel over snow when cars are unusable.
    • Finally, Ullman shows Jack and Wendy to the ballroom. He explains that all of the liquor has been taken out of the hotel for the winter, which is fine with Jack and Wendy because they don't drink.
    • The hotel's head chef, Dick Hallorann, comes over to introduce himself.
    • One of the hotel workers then brings in Danny, who was apparently outside looking for his parents. At this point, Mr. Hallorann takes Wendy and Danny to the hotel's kitchen while Jack goes off with Mr. Ullman.
    • While Mr. Hallorann talks to Wendy and Danny, he calls Danny "Doc." Wendy wants to know how Mr. Hallorann guessed that she and Jack always call Danny "Doc," but Hallorann changes the subject.
    • Next, Hallorann shows Wendy and Danny the storage room.
    • While he's listing everything that's in there though, Danny stares at him and it seems as though he can hear Hallorann's thoughts, which say, "How'd you like some ice cream, Doc?"
    • Mr. Ullman comes back with Jack because he needs to show Wendy the hotel basement. Danny stays behind to eat ice cream with Mr. Hallorann.
  • Scene 7

    Scene 7

    • Now that they're alone, Hallorann asks Danny if he knows how Mr. Hallorann knew his name was Doc.
    • It's because they both have a give called "The Shining," which means they can communicate with just their minds.
    • Danny says that Tony has told him he's not supposed to talk about it.
    • Then he tells Mr. Hallorann about Tony. When Hallorann asks how Tony tells Danny things, Danny says that he sort of goes to sleep and Tony shows him things.
    • Then when he wakes up, he can't quite remember everything.
    • Hallorann wants to know if Tony has ever told Danny anything about the Overlook Hotel.
    • But Danny asks if Hallorann is scared of the hotel and Hallorann says no. He says that the hotel just has a "shining" like some people do.
    • Danny asks if there's anything bad at the hotel.
    • Hallorann says that if something bad happens, it can leave behind a trace. He thinks that a lot of bad things have happened in the hotel over the years.
    • Danny then asks about Room 237 because he knows Hallorann is scared of it.
    • But Hallorann tells him to leave the room alone and stop thinking about it.
  • Scene 8

    Scene 8

    • The title card reads "One Month Later." So the Torrance family is definitely into the full swing of their time in the hotel.
    • Wendy wheels some food through the hallways while Danny rides around in a Big Wheel.
    • Wendy brings some breakfast into Jack at 11:30am and wishes him good morning. Jack says he's never been more attracted to a new place.
    • He says that when he first came, he felt like he'd been in the building before and he knew what would be around every corner.
    • We cut to one of the hospital's main rooms, where Jack is throwing a ball against a wall instead of writing.
    • Outside, Wendy chases Danny into the hedge maze. Some creepy music starts playing and we wonder if something bad is about to happen.
    • Fade back to Jack, who's now running around the hotel and throwing his ball against a bunch of walls, clearly getting frustrated and bored.
    • He stops to look at a model of the hedge maze that's outside. His view of the maze flows seamlessly into an overhead shot of Wendy and Danny exploring the maze.
  • Scene 9

    Scene 9

    • A title card reading "Tuesday" flashes on the screen. We get a distance shot of the hotel, which only has two lonely lights lit.
    • We look in on Wendy working in the kitchen while the TV news anchor talks about a woman who has gone missing while hunting with her husband in Denver.
    • The TV also announces that a lot of bad weather is coming.
    • Meanwhile, Danny is still riding his Big Wheel all around the hotel. But he stops dead when he passes room 237. Some more creepy music plays.
    • Danny gets off his bike and walks up to the door. He reaches for the knob but finds it locked.
    • We get another flash of the creepy twin girls from his earlier visions. Danny gets back on his Big Wheel and rides away.
    • Back on the main floor, we find Jack typing on his computer with a dead-eyed stare. Wendy comes in on him and asks how it's going. He says it's good, but he has this weird faraway stare and dead tone.
    • Wendy lets him know that the forecast is calling for snow. Jack acts like a total jerk and tells her to stop bothering him.
    • He also wants to make a new rule that says whenever he's working, she's never allowed to interrupt him.
  • Scene 10

    Scene 10

    • The next title card says "Thursday" and we see Wendy and Danny running with each other in the snow outside the hotel.
    • Inside, Jack stares through the windows with a totally psycho look on his face that's almost like a smile.
  • Scene 11

    Scene 11

    • The title card reads "Saturday" and we can sense that the craziness is starting to accelerate at the Overlook Hotel. The snow is now really, really bad.
    • We see Jack working at his desk while in another room, Wendy tries the switchboard to get in contact with the rest of the world.
    • It looks like the storm has knocked out communications though.
    • So she tries the emergency radio and gets a hold of a local marshal, who tells her the phones will be knocked out for quite a while. He also advises her to keep the radio on at all times from now on.
    • Now we go back to Danny, who's still riding his Big Wheel. He turns one of the corners and freezes when he sees the two creepy twin girls again.
    • This time though, they speak to him and say, "Hello Danny." They also ask him the creepiest question ever, which is "Won't you come play with us?"
    • While the girls ask their question, Danny can see flashes of the girls' butchered bodies and an axe lying on the floor.
    • He covers his eyes to make them go away and sure enough, they do.
    • Danny raises his finger and changes his voice, meaning that his imaginary friend Tony is about to start talking.
    • Tony tells Danny to remember what Mr. Hallorann said, that looking at the images is like looking at pictures in a book and they aren't real.
  • Scene 12

    Scene 12

    • A new title card tells us that it's now Monday. Danny sits on the floor watching TV with his mom.
    • Danny asks if he can go get his fire engine, but Wendy tells him to wait because his father is sleeping.
    • Danny promises that he'll tiptoe and not make a sound.
    • Danny heads up to the family apartment where his dad is supposed to be sleeping.
    • But the guy is actually sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the wall.
    • Danny asks if he can get his fire engine, but Jack tells him to come over for a minute.
    • Jack hugs Danny and kisses his head, asking him how everything is going.
    • Danny says he's good and then asks Jack if he's feeling bad.
    • He wants to know why Jack isn't asleep, but Jack says he can't sleep because he has too much to do.
    • He asks Jack if he likes the hotel, and Jack says he loves it and that he wishes the family could stay there forever.
    • Danny asks Jack if he would ever hurt him (Danny) or Wendy, but Jack doesn't know what he means.
    • He wants to know if Wendy ever said he would hurt them, but Danny says no.
    • Jack ends the scene by saying he'd never do anything to hurt Danny.
  • Scene 13

    Scene 13

    • We see Danny playing in one of the hotel hallways when a ball rolls up to him from off screen.
    • When he looks up though, there's no one there. Danny starts walking down the hallway and calling for his mom.
    • Danny eventually comes to room 237, where the door has a key in it and is wide open. The picture fades away and we go to Wendy in another room looking over the hotel's electrical stuff. She hears a man screaming and goes to check it out.
    • It turns out that the screaming is coming from Jack, who is asleep on his desk.
    • She wakes him up and he looks around horrified, saying that he just had the worst nightmare of his life.
    • He says he dreamed that he killed Wendy and Danny with an axe and cut them up into little pieces. He is worried that he's losing his mind.
    • Meanwhile, Danny walks into the room. Wendy tells Danny to leave and play in his room.
    • But Danny just keeps walking toward them.
    • As he gets closer, Wendy sees that he has bruises all over his neck. She asks him what happened, but Danny won't answer.
    • Wendy looks up at Jack, who is again giving her a psycho look.
    • She thinks that he is the one who bruised Danny's neck. Jack just stares and shakes his head while Wendy runs off with Danny.
  • Scene 14

    Scene 14

    • Jack walks around making weird movements and looking agitated. He goes into the hotel's Golden Ballroom and walks up to the bar.
    • But there's no booze anywhere. He mumbles about how he wants a drink.
    • He puts his hands over his eyes, but when he takes them off, he smiles and says, "Hi Lloyd."
    • Now all of a sudden, there is a fully dressed bartender asking Jack what he'd like to drink.
    • Plus the bar behind him is fully stocked.
    • Jack chats it up with Lloyd the ghost bartender before knocking back a glass of bourbon. Lloyd asks him how things are going, and Jack says they could be better.
    • They talk for a bit about how Jack is having trouble with Wendy.
    • Jack insists that he never laid a hand on his son Danny, despite what Wendy thinks.
    • Jack is sick and tired of Wendy always throwing his past mistakes in his face, like when he dislocated Danny's shoulder.
    • But Jack insists it was an accident and it was three years ago.
    • At this moment, we hear Wendy scream and come running into the ballroom with a baseball bat.
    • She tells Jack there's a crazy woman in one of the hotel rooms who tried to strangle Danny.
    • Jack asks if Wendy is out of her mind, but Wendy says that Danny told her a crazy woman in one of the hotel rooms tried to strangle him.
    • Jack asks which room it was… but we all know the answer to that already, don't we?
  • Scene 15

    Scene 15

    • We cut to a television, where an anchor is talking about how much snow has been falling. Then we realize that we're visiting Mr. Hallorann, who is lying in bed.
    • Some creepy music starts playing, and we can see Hallorann react as though he's staring at something horrifying.
    • There are flashing images of room 237 and Danny Torrance looking like he's having a seizure.
    • Now we're looking through a camera lens and moving through a hotel room. We pass through a doorway and arrive into a bathroom.
    • Now we realize that it's Jack's POV we're following.
    • Jack stares at the tub, where a naked woman gets out while Jack puts on a wolfish expression.
    • The woman walks toward him and Jack meets her halfway.
    • The woman puts her arms around Jack's neck and they start making out.
    • But when Jack looks in the mirror, he sees a decomposing woman.
    • We get flashes of Danny in bed throughout this vision, as though he's having a nightmare.
    • Jack runs out of room 237 and locks it behind him.
  • Scene 16

    Scene 16

    • Mr. Hallorann goes to the phone in the middle of the night, but gets a message saying that his call can't be completed.
    • Back at the hotel, Wendy hears a knock and opens the door for Jack.
    • She asks if he found anything, but he says that he saw nothing.
    • Of course, we know this isn't true because Jack had a total freakout in room 237.
    • Wendy wants to know where Danny's bruises came from, and Jack suggests that Danny might have done it to himself. Wendy doesn't want to believe him though.
    • Meanwhile, we look in on Danny, who is lying in bed with his eyes wide open.
    • He sees a flash of a door with the word "redrum" written across it in red.
    • Wendy tells Jack that they need to get Danny out of the hotel, but Jack snaps and accuses Wendy of trying to ruin his big chance to accomplish something.
    • He says he's sick of Wendy screwing up his life and he storms out violently while Wendy sits on the bed crying.
    • Downstairs, Jack loses his mind and starts chucking stuff all over the place with a crazy look on his face.
    • But he calms down when he hears music coming from a different part of the hotel.
    • He turns a corner and sees a bunch of party decorations lying everywhere.
  • Scene 17

    Scene 17

    • Mr. Hallorann calls the sheriff and says he'd like it if the sheriff gave the Torrance family a call to make sure everything was all right with them.
    • Meanwhile, Jack approaches the hotel's Golden Ballroom, where there's a big bash happening with hundreds of people dressed up like they're from the 20's or 30's.
    • Jack walks up to the bar and gets bourbon on the rocks.
    • Lloyd the ghost bartender won't take his money though because the house has apparently paid for all his drinks in advance.
    • While walking through the room, Jack runs into a waiter who spills a bunch of drinks on him.
    • The waiter asks Jack to join him in the men's room to clean up.
    • In the bathroom, Jack asks the butler his name and the butler tells him his name is Delbert Grady.
    • This should be concerning to anyone who remembers earlier in this movie, where Mr. Ullman said that Grady was the name of the previous caretaker who killed his whole family with an axe.
    • Jack obviously recognizes the name too and asks Grady if he was once the caretaker at the Overlook.
    • Grady says he never was, but replies that he does indeed have a wife and two daughters and he doesn't know where they are.
    • Jack tells Grady that he recognizes him and that he knows Grady killed his family and then himself.
    • Grady stares at him and says he has no recollection of what Jack's describing.
    • Grady insists that Jack is the caretaker and that he's always been the caretaker.
    • Grady says he knows this because he (Grady) has always been at the hotel.
    • Grady asks Jack if he's aware that his son Danny is trying to bring "an outside party" to the hotel.
    • Jack asks who, and Grady replies by using the "n" word, referring to Mr. Hallorann.
    • Grady then informs Jack that his son has a great talent that he's using to call Hallorann to the hotel.
    • Grady says that Danny is a naughty boy and that he should be "corrected" just like he corrected his own daughters for trying to burn down the Overlook.
    • He thinks that Jack should "correct" his family the same way Grady corrected his.
  • Scene 18

    Scene 18

    • Now we look in on Wendy, who's talking to herself and trying to figure out a way to get away from the hotel.
    • She hears commotion coming from Danny's room and finds him screaming "Redrum" over and over.
    • Wendy asks Danny what's wrong, but Danny replies (in Tony's voice) "Danny's not here."
    • Wendy wants Danny to wake up, but Tony tells her that Danny can't wake up because he's gone away.
    • Back downstairs, we see Jack walking toward the radio room, where the sheriff is trying to reach the hotel.
    • He walks over to the radio and pulls the sending and receiving chips out of it.
    • Back at Hallorann's house, Hallorann calls the sheriff and asks what's going on with the Torrances.
    • But the sheriff says they can't be reached.
    • We look in on a commercial jetliner, where Mr. Hallorann is sitting.
    • It looks like he's on his way to Denver.
  • Scene 19

    Scene 19

    • We look in on a place called Durkin's garage, where a guy picks up the phone and talks to Hallorann.
    • Hallorann wants to find a way up to the Overlook Hotel, but the roads are blocked so he'll need to take a Snow Cat machine.
    • Hallorann makes the difficult drive all the way up to the service station where a Snow Cat is waiting for him.
    • Everywhere he goes there are trucks and cars that have gone off the road.
    • Back at the Overlook, Wendy and Danny sit watching TV.
    • Wendy tells Danny to sit and watch cartoons while she goes to talk to Jack. But Danny will only answer her as Tony now.
    • Wendy heads downstairs with a baseball bat and goes into the room where Jack's been doing most of his writing.
    • She calls for him, but he doesn't answer.
    • Wendy heads over to the typewriter to see what Jack has written, but all she finds is the line "All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy."
    • She heads over to the box where Jack keeps his manuscript and finds that Jack has typed out hundreds and hundreds of pages of this same line over and over.
    • Jack walks in from behind Wendy and asks her how she likes his book so far.
    • He starts walking toward her with a crazy look on his face.
    • He wants to know what Wendy is doing in his office and keeps walking toward her.
    • We flash back to Danny, who can see visions of blood and the word "Redrum" while he overhears his parents talking from a completely different part of the hotel.
    • Jack asks Wendy what she thinks they should do with Danny.
    • She says she thinks he should be taken to a doctor as soon as possible.
    • Jack wants to know why Wendy is so concerned about Danny's health and not his.
    • Jack goes off on a crazy speech about how he is responsible for the Overlook and will not leave until his contract is finished.
    • Wendy starts waving the bat at Jack and telling him to stay away from her.
    • Jack says he's not going to hurt her; he's just going to bash her brains in.
    • He tells her to stop swinging the bat, but she doesn't listen. Instead, she cracks him right upside the head and he falls unconscious down the staircase.
  • Scene 20

    Scene 20

    • Wendy drags Jack down into the basement and locks him in the storage cupboard just as he's waking up.
    • He rages and pounds against the door, and Wendy grabs a huge chef's knife and sits on the floor.
    • After his first threats don't work, Jack says he hurt his head badly and begs Wendy to let him out.
    • But she says she's going to take Danny away in the Snow Cat and that she'll come back with a doctor.
    • Jack starts laughing and says Wendy has a big surprise coming because she's not going anywhere.
    • He has completely trashed both the Snow Cat and the radio.
  • Scene 21

    Scene 21

    • Now the title card reads 4 p.m., as if anyone is still keeping track of the time of day.
    • We look in on Jack sleeping in the storage room, where there's a knock at the door.
    • It's Delbert Grady on the other side of the door. He's not happy with the way things are going with Jack and his fam.
    • He wants Jack to get back to work killing his wife and son.
    • Jack says he'll deal with his family as soon as he gets out of the storage room.
    • But Grady thinks Jack's heart isn't in killing his family. Jack asks for one more chance to prove himself.
    • Grady says he'll only let Jack out if he deals with his family in the harshest possible way, and Jack says he looks forward to it.
    • And just like that, the storage room door unlocks. So apparently these hotel ghosts know how to unlock doors.
  • Scene 22

    Scene 22

    • We look in on Mr. Hallorann, who is riding in a Snow Cat up to the Overlook Hotel.
    • Back in the hotel, Danny walks around saying "Redrum" over and over. He walks up to his mom's bedside and takes the big chef's knife from the table.
    • Danny (or Tony) takes his mother's lipstick and writes the word "REDRUM" on the bedroom door.
    • He starts shouting the word so loud that his mom wakes up, and when she takes hold of him, she sees the word "Redrum" in the mirror, which spells "MURDER"
    • Gasp! A thousand times gasp!
    • At this moment, Jack shows up and starts hitting the apartment's front door with an axe. He reaches through and opens the door, but Wendy manages to get Danny safely out of a bathroom window.
    • She's too big herself to get out though, so she tells Danny to run and hide.
    • Jack makes his way into the apartment and breaks through the bathroom door with his axe, letting out his famous "Here's Johnny!" line.
    • He reaches in to open the door, but Wendy slashes his hand with her knife.
    • At this moment, both Jack and Wendy hear a Snow Cat approaching the hotel.
    • Jack leaves Wendy in the bathroom and heads downstairs with his axe.
    • Meanwhile, Danny runs and hides in a kitchen cabinet.
  • Scene 23

    Scene 23

    • Mr. Hallorann gets out of the Snow Cat and heads into the hotel. Jack heads toward the entrance as Hallorann calls out to see if anyone's home.
    • Jack jumps out from behind a pillar and nails Hallorann right in the chest with his axe, killing him.
    • He also hears Danny scream when Hallorann dies and heads toward the sound. Danny jumps out of his hiding place and starts running. Jack follows in hot pursuit.
    • Meanwhile, Wendy runs looking for Danny and stumbles across a strange vision of two people who look like they're performing sexual acts on each other in one of the hotel rooms.
    • Oh yeah, and one of them is dressed up in some sort of weird animal suit. During this scene, we hear some sort of weird chanting going on.
    • Okay, now back to the Jack Attack. He chases Danny out into the snow.
    • Being the smart kid that he is, Danny takes off into the hedge maze.
    • Jack follows Danny into the maze, but he doesn't know the place half as well as good ol' Danny.
    • However, Jack can just follow Danny's footprints, so it looks like the plan isn't going to work after all.
    • Back in the hotel, Wendy stumbles across Mr. Hallorann lying dead on the floor. Then some dude in a tux with a bloody head shows up and says, "Great party, isn't it?"
    • Wendy runs away and ends up in a room full of skeletons.
    • Back in the hedge maze, Danny walks backwards in his footprints and erases some of his tracks to trick Jack into going the wrong way.
    • Back in the hotel, Wendy sees the same blood coming off the elevator that Danny saw earlier in his visions.
    • Back in the hedge, Jack follows Danny's footprints until they disappear.
    • He's obviously confused and doesn't know what to do.
    • When he's gone, Danny turns and runs back out of the maze, where he meets his mom on the outside.
    • Wendy and Danny hop into the Snow Cat that Mr. Hallorann brought up to the hotel and take off.
    • Jack can hear them leaving from inside the hedge. He starts making wolflike howls and stumbles around from the cold.
    • Hypothermia closes in on him as the Snow Cat disappears down the road. Jack collapses in the hedge and we flash forward to the next day, where he's sitting frozen and dead.
    • The final shot of the movie takes us down one of the hotel's hallways.
    • There's classy wing music playing.
    • The camera zooms in on a photo of a party from 1921, and who do we see hanging out in the crowd but Jack Torrance?