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The Shining Scene 11

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Scene 11

Scene 11

  • The title card reads "Saturday" and we can sense that the craziness is starting to accelerate at the Overlook Hotel. The snow is now really, really bad.
  • We see Jack working at his desk while in another room, Wendy tries the switchboard to get in contact with the rest of the world.
  • It looks like the storm has knocked out communications though.
  • So she tries the emergency radio and gets a hold of a local marshal, who tells her the phones will be knocked out for quite a while. He also advises her to keep the radio on at all times from now on.
  • Now we go back to Danny, who's still riding his Big Wheel. He turns one of the corners and freezes when he sees the two creepy twin girls again.
  • This time though, they speak to him and say, "Hello Danny." They also ask him the creepiest question ever, which is "Won't you come play with us?"
  • While the girls ask their question, Danny can see flashes of the girls' butchered bodies and an axe lying on the floor.
  • He covers his eyes to make them go away and sure enough, they do.
  • Danny raises his finger and changes his voice, meaning that his imaginary friend Tony is about to start talking.
  • Tony tells Danny to remember what Mr. Hallorann said, that looking at the images is like looking at pictures in a book and they aren't real.

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