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The Shining Scene 12

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Scene 12

Scene 12

  • A new title card tells us that it's now Monday. Danny sits on the floor watching TV with his mom.
  • Danny asks if he can go get his fire engine, but Wendy tells him to wait because his father is sleeping.
  • Danny promises that he'll tiptoe and not make a sound.
  • Danny heads up to the family apartment where his dad is supposed to be sleeping.
  • But the guy is actually sitting on the edge of the bed and staring at the wall.
  • Danny asks if he can get his fire engine, but Jack tells him to come over for a minute.
  • Jack hugs Danny and kisses his head, asking him how everything is going.
  • Danny says he's good and then asks Jack if he's feeling bad.
  • He wants to know why Jack isn't asleep, but Jack says he can't sleep because he has too much to do.
  • He asks Jack if he likes the hotel, and Jack says he loves it and that he wishes the family could stay there forever.
  • Danny asks Jack if he would ever hurt him (Danny) or Wendy, but Jack doesn't know what he means.
  • He wants to know if Wendy ever said he would hurt them, but Danny says no.
  • Jack ends the scene by saying he'd never do anything to hurt Danny.

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