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The Shining Scene 13

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Scene 13

Scene 13

  • We see Danny playing in one of the hotel hallways when a ball rolls up to him from off screen.
  • When he looks up though, there's no one there. Danny starts walking down the hallway and calling for his mom.
  • Danny eventually comes to room 237, where the door has a key in it and is wide open. The picture fades away and we go to Wendy in another room looking over the hotel's electrical stuff. She hears a man screaming and goes to check it out.
  • It turns out that the screaming is coming from Jack, who is asleep on his desk.
  • She wakes him up and he looks around horrified, saying that he just had the worst nightmare of his life.
  • He says he dreamed that he killed Wendy and Danny with an axe and cut them up into little pieces. He is worried that he's losing his mind.
  • Meanwhile, Danny walks into the room. Wendy tells Danny to leave and play in his room.
  • But Danny just keeps walking toward them.
  • As he gets closer, Wendy sees that he has bruises all over his neck. She asks him what happened, but Danny won't answer.
  • Wendy looks up at Jack, who is again giving her a psycho look.
  • She thinks that he is the one who bruised Danny's neck. Jack just stares and shakes his head while Wendy runs off with Danny.

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