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The Shining Scene 14

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Scene 14

Scene 14

  • Jack walks around making weird movements and looking agitated. He goes into the hotel's Golden Ballroom and walks up to the bar.
  • But there's no booze anywhere. He mumbles about how he wants a drink.
  • He puts his hands over his eyes, but when he takes them off, he smiles and says, "Hi Lloyd."
  • Now all of a sudden, there is a fully dressed bartender asking Jack what he'd like to drink.
  • Plus the bar behind him is fully stocked.
  • Jack chats it up with Lloyd the ghost bartender before knocking back a glass of bourbon. Lloyd asks him how things are going, and Jack says they could be better.
  • They talk for a bit about how Jack is having trouble with Wendy.
  • Jack insists that he never laid a hand on his son Danny, despite what Wendy thinks.
  • Jack is sick and tired of Wendy always throwing his past mistakes in his face, like when he dislocated Danny's shoulder.
  • But Jack insists it was an accident and it was three years ago.
  • At this moment, we hear Wendy scream and come running into the ballroom with a baseball bat.
  • She tells Jack there's a crazy woman in one of the hotel rooms who tried to strangle Danny.
  • Jack asks if Wendy is out of her mind, but Wendy says that Danny told her a crazy woman in one of the hotel rooms tried to strangle him.
  • Jack asks which room it was… but we all know the answer to that already, don't we?

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