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The Shining Scene 15

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Scene 15

Scene 15

  • We cut to a television, where an anchor is talking about how much snow has been falling. Then we realize that we're visiting Mr. Hallorann, who is lying in bed.
  • Some creepy music starts playing, and we can see Hallorann react as though he's staring at something horrifying.
  • There are flashing images of room 237 and Danny Torrance looking like he's having a seizure.
  • Now we're looking through a camera lens and moving through a hotel room. We pass through a doorway and arrive into a bathroom.
  • Now we realize that it's Jack's POV we're following.
  • Jack stares at the tub, where a naked woman gets out while Jack puts on a wolfish expression.
  • The woman walks toward him and Jack meets her halfway.
  • The woman puts her arms around Jack's neck and they start making out.
  • But when Jack looks in the mirror, he sees a decomposing woman.
  • We get flashes of Danny in bed throughout this vision, as though he's having a nightmare.
  • Jack runs out of room 237 and locks it behind him.

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