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The Shining Scene 16

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Scene 16

Scene 16

  • Mr. Hallorann goes to the phone in the middle of the night, but gets a message saying that his call can't be completed.
  • Back at the hotel, Wendy hears a knock and opens the door for Jack.
  • She asks if he found anything, but he says that he saw nothing.
  • Of course, we know this isn't true because Jack had a total freakout in room 237.
  • Wendy wants to know where Danny's bruises came from, and Jack suggests that Danny might have done it to himself. Wendy doesn't want to believe him though.
  • Meanwhile, we look in on Danny, who is lying in bed with his eyes wide open.
  • He sees a flash of a door with the word "redrum" written across it in red.
  • Wendy tells Jack that they need to get Danny out of the hotel, but Jack snaps and accuses Wendy of trying to ruin his big chance to accomplish something.
  • He says he's sick of Wendy screwing up his life and he storms out violently while Wendy sits on the bed crying.
  • Downstairs, Jack loses his mind and starts chucking stuff all over the place with a crazy look on his face.
  • But he calms down when he hears music coming from a different part of the hotel.
  • He turns a corner and sees a bunch of party decorations lying everywhere.

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