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The Shining Scene 17

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Scene 17

Scene 17

  • Mr. Hallorann calls the sheriff and says he'd like it if the sheriff gave the Torrance family a call to make sure everything was all right with them.
  • Meanwhile, Jack approaches the hotel's Golden Ballroom, where there's a big bash happening with hundreds of people dressed up like they're from the 20's or 30's.
  • Jack walks up to the bar and gets bourbon on the rocks.
  • Lloyd the ghost bartender won't take his money though because the house has apparently paid for all his drinks in advance.
  • While walking through the room, Jack runs into a waiter who spills a bunch of drinks on him.
  • The waiter asks Jack to join him in the men's room to clean up.
  • In the bathroom, Jack asks the butler his name and the butler tells him his name is Delbert Grady.
  • This should be concerning to anyone who remembers earlier in this movie, where Mr. Ullman said that Grady was the name of the previous caretaker who killed his whole family with an axe.
  • Jack obviously recognizes the name too and asks Grady if he was once the caretaker at the Overlook.
  • Grady says he never was, but replies that he does indeed have a wife and two daughters and he doesn't know where they are.
  • Jack tells Grady that he recognizes him and that he knows Grady killed his family and then himself.
  • Grady stares at him and says he has no recollection of what Jack's describing.
  • Grady insists that Jack is the caretaker and that he's always been the caretaker.
  • Grady says he knows this because he (Grady) has always been at the hotel.
  • Grady asks Jack if he's aware that his son Danny is trying to bring "an outside party" to the hotel.
  • Jack asks who, and Grady replies by using the "n" word, referring to Mr. Hallorann.
  • Grady then informs Jack that his son has a great talent that he's using to call Hallorann to the hotel.
  • Grady says that Danny is a naughty boy and that he should be "corrected" just like he corrected his own daughters for trying to burn down the Overlook.
  • He thinks that Jack should "correct" his family the same way Grady corrected his.

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