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The Shining Scene 18

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Scene 18

Scene 18

  • Now we look in on Wendy, who's talking to herself and trying to figure out a way to get away from the hotel.
  • She hears commotion coming from Danny's room and finds him screaming "Redrum" over and over.
  • Wendy asks Danny what's wrong, but Danny replies (in Tony's voice) "Danny's not here."
  • Wendy wants Danny to wake up, but Tony tells her that Danny can't wake up because he's gone away.
  • Back downstairs, we see Jack walking toward the radio room, where the sheriff is trying to reach the hotel.
  • He walks over to the radio and pulls the sending and receiving chips out of it.
  • Back at Hallorann's house, Hallorann calls the sheriff and asks what's going on with the Torrances.
  • But the sheriff says they can't be reached.
  • We look in on a commercial jetliner, where Mr. Hallorann is sitting.
  • It looks like he's on his way to Denver.

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