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The Shining Scene 21

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Scene 21

Scene 21

  • Now the title card reads 4 p.m., as if anyone is still keeping track of the time of day.
  • We look in on Jack sleeping in the storage room, where there's a knock at the door.
  • It's Delbert Grady on the other side of the door. He's not happy with the way things are going with Jack and his fam.
  • He wants Jack to get back to work killing his wife and son.
  • Jack says he'll deal with his family as soon as he gets out of the storage room.
  • But Grady thinks Jack's heart isn't in killing his family. Jack asks for one more chance to prove himself.
  • Grady says he'll only let Jack out if he deals with his family in the harshest possible way, and Jack says he looks forward to it.
  • And just like that, the storage room door unlocks. So apparently these hotel ghosts know how to unlock doors.

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