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The Shining Scene 22

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Scene 22

Scene 22

  • We look in on Mr. Hallorann, who is riding in a Snow Cat up to the Overlook Hotel.
  • Back in the hotel, Danny walks around saying "Redrum" over and over. He walks up to his mom's bedside and takes the big chef's knife from the table.
  • Danny (or Tony) takes his mother's lipstick and writes the word "REDRUM" on the bedroom door.
  • He starts shouting the word so loud that his mom wakes up, and when she takes hold of him, she sees the word "Redrum" in the mirror, which spells "MURDER"
  • Gasp! A thousand times gasp!
  • At this moment, Jack shows up and starts hitting the apartment's front door with an axe. He reaches through and opens the door, but Wendy manages to get Danny safely out of a bathroom window.
  • She's too big herself to get out though, so she tells Danny to run and hide.
  • Jack makes his way into the apartment and breaks through the bathroom door with his axe, letting out his famous "Here's Johnny!" line.
  • He reaches in to open the door, but Wendy slashes his hand with her knife.
  • At this moment, both Jack and Wendy hear a Snow Cat approaching the hotel.
  • Jack leaves Wendy in the bathroom and heads downstairs with his axe.
  • Meanwhile, Danny runs and hides in a kitchen cabinet.

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