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The Shining Scene 23

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Scene 23

Scene 23

  • Mr. Hallorann gets out of the Snow Cat and heads into the hotel. Jack heads toward the entrance as Hallorann calls out to see if anyone's home.
  • Jack jumps out from behind a pillar and nails Hallorann right in the chest with his axe, killing him.
  • He also hears Danny scream when Hallorann dies and heads toward the sound. Danny jumps out of his hiding place and starts running. Jack follows in hot pursuit.
  • Meanwhile, Wendy runs looking for Danny and stumbles across a strange vision of two people who look like they're performing sexual acts on each other in one of the hotel rooms.
  • Oh yeah, and one of them is dressed up in some sort of weird animal suit. During this scene, we hear some sort of weird chanting going on.
  • Okay, now back to the Jack Attack. He chases Danny out into the snow.
  • Being the smart kid that he is, Danny takes off into the hedge maze.
  • Jack follows Danny into the maze, but he doesn't know the place half as well as good ol' Danny.
  • However, Jack can just follow Danny's footprints, so it looks like the plan isn't going to work after all.
  • Back in the hotel, Wendy stumbles across Mr. Hallorann lying dead on the floor. Then some dude in a tux with a bloody head shows up and says, "Great party, isn't it?"
  • Wendy runs away and ends up in a room full of skeletons.
  • Back in the hedge maze, Danny walks backwards in his footprints and erases some of his tracks to trick Jack into going the wrong way.
  • Back in the hotel, Wendy sees the same blood coming off the elevator that Danny saw earlier in his visions.
  • Back in the hedge, Jack follows Danny's footprints until they disappear.
  • He's obviously confused and doesn't know what to do.
  • When he's gone, Danny turns and runs back out of the maze, where he meets his mom on the outside.
  • Wendy and Danny hop into the Snow Cat that Mr. Hallorann brought up to the hotel and take off.
  • Jack can hear them leaving from inside the hedge. He starts making wolflike howls and stumbles around from the cold.
  • Hypothermia closes in on him as the Snow Cat disappears down the road. Jack collapses in the hedge and we flash forward to the next day, where he's sitting frozen and dead.
  • The final shot of the movie takes us down one of the hotel's hallways.
  • There's classy wing music playing.
  • The camera zooms in on a photo of a party from 1921, and who do we see hanging out in the crowd but Jack Torrance?

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