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The Shining Scene 5

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Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The little boy from Scene 3 stands in the bathroom talking to his imaginary friend Tony. He asks Tony if he thinks his dad will get the job at the hotel.
  • Tony answers that Jack already got the job and that he'll call the boy's mom in a few minutes to tell her.
  • Sure enough, Jack calls and tells his wife that he got the job.
  • Back in the bathroom, the little boy asks Tony why he doesn't want to go to the hotel. Tony answers that he doesn't know, but the boy knows he's lying.
  • When pressed, Tony says he doesn't want to talk about his reasons for not wanting to go. The boy asks one more time, and then we se his eyes go wide with fear.
  • The camera cuts to a shot of a hotel elevator with blood pouring out of it.
  • There's a quick shot of two girls and we see the little boy looking as though he's about to scream.
  • Next thing we know, the boy is in his bed with a doctor looking in on him.
  • The doctor asks him if he smelled anything funny or saw flashing lights when he was brushing his teeth. He lies and says he doesn't remember anything.
  • The doctor wants to know what the boy was doing immediately before he passed out.
  • The boy says he was talking to Tony, a little boy who lives in his mouth.
  • The doctor wants to know if Tony ever tells the boy to do things, but the boy says he doesn't want to talk about Tony anymore.
  • The doctor leaves and tells the boy to stay in bed for the rest of the day.
  • She and the boy's mom head into the next room. The doctor says that Mrs. Torrance has nothing to worry about because she's convinced there's nothing wrong with Danny (the boy).
  • As they chat, we learn that Danny first started talking to Tony when he went to nursery school, which was a tough adjustment for him because he missed school for a while with an injury.
  • When the doctor presses Mrs. Torrance about the injury, we find out that her husband dislocated Danny's shoulder one time while pulling him away from a stack of papers.
  • She also mentions that Jack was drunk at the time. Mrs. Torrance tries to explain it away with excuses, but the doctor looks really concerned.

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