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The Shining Scene 6

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Scene 6

Scene 6

  • The title card for this scene reads, "Closing Day," which suggests that it's time for Jack, Wendy, and Danny to move into the Overlook Hotel for the winter.
  • From the passenger seat of a car, Wendy talks about how different the air seems up in the mountains.
  • But Jack just says "mm hmm" and acts like he's already annoyed with her.
  • Wendy asks Jack if the Donner Party travelled near the mountains they're staying on, but Jack says he thinks it was farther west.
  • When Danny asks who the Donner Party was, Jack replies that they were a group of American settlers who got caught in the snow and had to eat each other to stay alive. He tells this story with an evil-looking grin on his face.
  • At the hotel, Mr. Ullman comes to meet Jack and show him around. But Jack suggests they go get his wife and son first.
  • Walking through the hotel, Wendy can't stop talking about how beautiful the hotel is.
  • Back in the games room, Danny hangs out alone and throws darts at a dartboard.
  • But when he turns toward the door, he sees the same creepy twin girls from his earlier vision.
  • Without saying anything, they turn and walk away.
  • Back in the other wing of the hotel, Jack and Wendy get settled in before Mr. Ullman shows them outside to the hotel's famous hedge maze.
  • Apparently, the site was built on a Native American burial ground and the builders of the hotel had to repel a few Native American attacks while they were building the place in 1907.
  • He also shows them a vehicle called the snow cat, which they can use to travel over snow when cars are unusable.
  • Finally, Ullman shows Jack and Wendy to the ballroom. He explains that all of the liquor has been taken out of the hotel for the winter, which is fine with Jack and Wendy because they don't drink.
  • The hotel's head chef, Dick Hallorann, comes over to introduce himself.
  • One of the hotel workers then brings in Danny, who was apparently outside looking for his parents. At this point, Mr. Hallorann takes Wendy and Danny to the hotel's kitchen while Jack goes off with Mr. Ullman.
  • While Mr. Hallorann talks to Wendy and Danny, he calls Danny "Doc." Wendy wants to know how Mr. Hallorann guessed that she and Jack always call Danny "Doc," but Hallorann changes the subject.
  • Next, Hallorann shows Wendy and Danny the storage room.
  • While he's listing everything that's in there though, Danny stares at him and it seems as though he can hear Hallorann's thoughts, which say, "How'd you like some ice cream, Doc?"
  • Mr. Ullman comes back with Jack because he needs to show Wendy the hotel basement. Danny stays behind to eat ice cream with Mr. Hallorann.

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