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The Shining Scene 7

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Scene 7

Scene 7

  • Now that they're alone, Hallorann asks Danny if he knows how Mr. Hallorann knew his name was Doc.
  • It's because they both have a give called "The Shining," which means they can communicate with just their minds.
  • Danny says that Tony has told him he's not supposed to talk about it.
  • Then he tells Mr. Hallorann about Tony. When Hallorann asks how Tony tells Danny things, Danny says that he sort of goes to sleep and Tony shows him things.
  • Then when he wakes up, he can't quite remember everything.
  • Hallorann wants to know if Tony has ever told Danny anything about the Overlook Hotel.
  • But Danny asks if Hallorann is scared of the hotel and Hallorann says no. He says that the hotel just has a "shining" like some people do.
  • Danny asks if there's anything bad at the hotel.
  • Hallorann says that if something bad happens, it can leave behind a trace. He thinks that a lot of bad things have happened in the hotel over the years.
  • Danny then asks about Room 237 because he knows Hallorann is scared of it.
  • But Hallorann tells him to leave the room alone and stop thinking about it.

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