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The Shining Scene 8

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Scene 8

Scene 8

  • The title card reads "One Month Later." So the Torrance family is definitely into the full swing of their time in the hotel.
  • Wendy wheels some food through the hallways while Danny rides around in a Big Wheel.
  • Wendy brings some breakfast into Jack at 11:30am and wishes him good morning. Jack says he's never been more attracted to a new place.
  • He says that when he first came, he felt like he'd been in the building before and he knew what would be around every corner.
  • We cut to one of the hospital's main rooms, where Jack is throwing a ball against a wall instead of writing.
  • Outside, Wendy chases Danny into the hedge maze. Some creepy music starts playing and we wonder if something bad is about to happen.
  • Fade back to Jack, who's now running around the hotel and throwing his ball against a bunch of walls, clearly getting frustrated and bored.
  • He stops to look at a model of the hedge maze that's outside. His view of the maze flows seamlessly into an overhead shot of Wendy and Danny exploring the maze.

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