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The Shining Scene 9

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Scene 9

Scene 9

  • A title card reading "Tuesday" flashes on the screen. We get a distance shot of the hotel, which only has two lonely lights lit.
  • We look in on Wendy working in the kitchen while the TV news anchor talks about a woman who has gone missing while hunting with her husband in Denver.
  • The TV also announces that a lot of bad weather is coming.
  • Meanwhile, Danny is still riding his Big Wheel all around the hotel. But he stops dead when he passes room 237. Some more creepy music plays.
  • Danny gets off his bike and walks up to the door. He reaches for the knob but finds it locked.
  • We get another flash of the creepy twin girls from his earlier visions. Danny gets back on his Big Wheel and rides away.
  • Back on the main floor, we find Jack typing on his computer with a dead-eyed stare. Wendy comes in on him and asks how it's going. He says it's good, but he has this weird faraway stare and dead tone.
  • Wendy lets him know that the forecast is calling for snow. Jack acts like a total jerk and tells her to stop bothering him.
  • He also wants to make a new rule that says whenever he's working, she's never allowed to interrupt him.

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