Shock Rating


Profanity? No. Sex? No. Drugs or alcohol? No. Is this movie even worth watching? Yes. Thanks to all the blood and gore…well, actually there isn't a whole lot of that either.

Don't us wrong, there's plenty of fighting and general gruesomeness. Have you seen the orcs? These aren't your kiddy CGI Hobbit orcs, these are dudes in some nasty makeup and they'll give you nightmares faster than they'll eat a hobbit (or another orc, for that matter).

So there is a whole ton of war and battlefields littered with the slain corpses of men and orc and elf and horse. Arrows will puncture necks, heads will be lopped off—this is most definitely a violent movie. However, we don't see a whole lot of blood except for a little black orc juice here and there, nor do we get any extended close-ups on the pain and agony of the wounded or dying.

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