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The Two Towers Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

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Legolas (Orlando Bloom)

The Prettiest Hair In Middle-earth

Steady, trustworthy, and always right by your side to peg some orcs between the eyes when you need him, Legolas is one steadfast companion. Most of The Two Towers is focused on Aragorn (at least when we're dealing with the story of the three travelers), but Legolas, along with Gimli, is always helping Aragorn along the way.

Legolas not only covers Aragorn and Gimli after the wall of Helm's Deep falls, but he picks up Aragorn's Evenstar necklace when Aragorn takes a tumble off a cliff. If only he could have successfully nailed the guy carrying the ignition for the bomb—come on Legolas, those had to be your worst two arrow-shots of the whole trilogy.

While the elves as a whole aren't exactly the most amiable of people, Legolas is truly loyal to the fight against darkness. Elrond, for example, is determined not to get involved and many of the elves are already on their way to Valinor in nice little boats as Middle-earth burns. But Legolas has stayed behind, putting himself in the midst of the plight of mankind, and he'll stick by his friends and see their journey to an end.

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