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The Two Towers Scene 10

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Scene 10

Scene 10

  • Aragorn, Gimli, and Legolas enter Fangorn and follow the trail of the orc and hobbits.
  • The ents begin speaking to one another. Apparently Gimli upset them by raising his axe.
  • Legolas senses Saruman's approach and they prepare to fight him before he's able to speak.
  • But it's no use. He deflects their attacks and disarms them immediately.
  • But wait a minute. It's not Saruman at all; it's Gandalf.
  • Gandalf recounts the story of how he defeated the Balrog and then spent many lifetimes away from Middle-earth before awakening as a white wizard. We take it he's more powerful now.
  • He tells them not to worry about Merry and Pippin, who have a role to play in the awakening of the ents.
  • He calls his horse, the majestic Shadowfax, and they ride toward Rohan.

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