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The Two Towers Scene 19

Scene 19

Scene 19

  • Sam is saying mean things to Gollum again and Frodo is tired of it.
  • He tries to defend Gollum but ends up sounding a little obsessed with the Ring himself.
  • That night, Gollum has a debate with himself. There seems to be a self that's loyal to Frodo and wants to do good by him, and another self that doesn't trust anyone and only wants the Ring.
  • The tamed self tells the other to "leave now and never come back." It seems to work.
  • The next morning Gollum finds a brace of conies (translation: a bunch of rabbits) and Sam proceeds to "ruin them" by cooking them in a stew. Gollum likes his meat raw. Yum.
  • Meanwhile, Frodo's alerted by the calling of some birds and finds a company of Easterling men traveling to Mordor.
  • There are some Oliphants (that's a giant elephant for you Gondorians) among them, which the hobbits marvel at until the company is suddenly beset on either side with a barrage of arrows.
  • Gollum slinks off and Sam and Frodo try to make a run for it before they're detected by the rangers.
  • Unfortunately, it's too late. They run right into Faramir who, not convinced by the whole "we're on your side" thing, has them bound and held captive.

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