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The Two Towers Scene 2

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Scene 2

Scene 2

  • It turns out it was all a dream. Frodo wakes with a start.
  • He and Sam and traveling through the rocky crags of Emyn Muil and while their elven rope and elven lembas bread are helpful, they have no idea how to get to Mordor.
  • To make matters worse, they're being followed by Gollum, who wants nothing more than to regain the Ring—his "precious."
  • Frodo and Sam set a trap for Gollum by pretending to sleep. After a bit of a scuffle Frodo pulls out Bilbo's elven dagger, Sting, and subdues Gollum.
  • The drag him along by the rope but Gollum can't stand the burn on his neck.
  • Afraid that tying him up would kill him (and releasing him would kill them), they decide to make a pact. They let Gollum go and he will lead them to the Black Gates of Mordor.
  • Gollum is more than a little conflicted, but for the moment he keeps his word.

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