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The Two Towers Scene 20

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Scene 20

Scene 20

  • The citizens of Edoras are still making their way to Helm's Deep. Aside from Erwin's cooking, everything seems to be going fine.
  • Aragorn remembers (or dreams? we're not really sure) of meeting Arwen. They kiss and stuff, it's happy.
  • Then he's with Elrond, who tells him to let go of Arwen. She wants to stay in Middle-earth for Aragorn when she should be heading across the sea to Valinor with the rest of her people.
  • He tells Arwen he won't come back for her and tries to return the Evenstar necklace. She isn't having any of it.
  • Back in the present, Saruman's warg riders have finally met up with the company. The men jump on horseback and prepare for battle.
  • Erwin wants to fight but Théoden tells her to lead the women and children to Helm's Deep, and she obliges.
  • Warg riders and horsemen fight. People die but it seems to generally go well for the Rohirrim.
  • However, Aragorn takes a tumble off a high cliff and into a fast moving river below.
  • No one can see him and they have to move on.

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