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The Two Towers Scene 24

Scene 24

Scene 24

  • Aragorn is floating down the river and comes to rest on the bank.
  • As he lies there, we see Arwen lean down and kiss him.
  • And so does Brego, the horse he set free earlier. Brego wakes him and bends down so that Aragorn can climb on his back and ride barely consciously toward… wherever Brego is taking him.
  • But back to Arwen. We see in conversation with her father, Elrond.
  • She wants to stay with Aragorn and he is trying to dissuade her.
  • He describes a future where, even if everything goes as best it could, Aragorn will still grow old and die and she'll be left alone with her grief.
  • This seems to do the trick because we see a hooded Arwen walking in a procession of elves presumably going to the Gray Havens.
  • Then Galadriel starts speaking to the mind of Elrond. She tells him that all hope depends upon the Ring bearer, but even now his strength grows weak and the will of the Ring grows stronger.

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