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The Two Towers Scene 25

Scene 25

Scene 25

  • Faramir, captain of Gondor, son of the Steward, Denethor II, and brother of the late Boromir, is camping with his soldiers in a cave. They're reviewing a map and the placements of their men. It doesn't look hopeful.
  • When Faramir questions the hobbits, Frodo tells him their real names and that they left from Rivendell with a company of seven.
  • When he speaks of Boromir, Faramir tells him he is dead. Frodo is taken aback, unaware that he fell.
  • Then Faramir begins to reminisce. First we see him in a dream, watching the dead Boromir float by in his funeral boat.
  • Then we see Boromir giving a speech at the retaking of Osgiliath. He greets his brother warmly as they celebrate their victory… until their father shows up.
  • Denethor II is very pleased with the achievements of his eldest born, but looks on Faramir with disdain.
  • Boromir tries to speak up for his brother but Denethor wants none of it. Instead, he speaks of a council in Rivendell.
  • He suspects this council will be about the One Ring and whishes Boromir to claim it for Gondor.
  • Boromir doesn't want to go but Denethor definitely doesn't want to send Faramir, so he has no choice.

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