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The Two Towers Scene 26

Scene 26

Scene 26

  • We're back with Faramir and the hobbits in the present. Gollum has been found and he's traipsing around in a sacred pool.
  • Faramir threatens to kill him but Frodo tells him to wait.
  • He goes down to Gollum and coaxes him out of the water, asking Gollum to trust him.
  • As soon as Gollum gets out, Faramir's men bag him and rough him up a bit, then Faramir starts asking questions.
  • Through Gollum's inner struggle with his second self (yup, Evil Gollum is back in action) Faramir learns that the hobbits have the Ring.
  • Sam begs him to help Frodo, tells him they're going to Mordor to destroy it.
  • But this is Faramir's chance for redemption. He says the Ring will go to Gondor.

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