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The Two Towers Scene 39

Scene 39

Scene 39

  • In Osgiliath, Frodo walks toward the flying Nazgûl.
  • He stands on a bridge and holds out the Ring as the Nazgûl rises directly in front of him.
  • Just before he can put it on (and just before the Nazgûl catches him in the talons of its fell beast), Sam tackles him to the ground.
  • But as they fall, Frodo pulls out Sting and places it at Sam's throat.
  • "It's me," says Sam. And slowly the crazed look fades from Frodo's eyes. He says, "I can't do this, Sam."
  • Cue Sam's most inspirational moment yet—he compares their journey to the stories of old, stories filled with so much darkness that you don't want to hear the ending.
  • But the heroes of those stories held on to something and kept going. Frodo and Sam have to hold on to the fact that there's some good in this world, and that it's worth fighting for.
  • Faramir approaches and he finally understands what the Ring can do.
  • Putting his life on the line, he releases them.

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