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The Two Towers Scene 41

Scene 41

Scene 41

  • Back on track toward Mordor, Sam wonders if their journey will ever be made into a tale. Ha.
  • They pretend to be hobbit children wishing to hear the one about Frodo and the Ring.
  • But let's not forget Sam, Frodo says, "Frodo wouldn't have made it very far without Sam."
  • Then we see Gollum, crawling ahead of them, speaking to himself.
  • Master betrayed him and now he wants to kill them both and take his precious. But no, it sounds too risky.
  • But what if he got "her" to do it? Yes, this sounds like a very good plan to Gollum. Then once they're dead, he'll take the precious back.
  • Excited by his new plan, he leads them on, toward Mordor, which flashes red and dark before us as the movie ends.

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