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The Two Towers Scene 9

Scene 9

Scene 9

  • Finally. Gollum has managed to lead Frodo and Sam out of Emyn Muil… and into a place called the Dead Marsh. Even better.
  • Gollum warns them not to follow the lights. The lights are the pale dead faces of men and elves and orcs within the shallow murky waters of the swamp. This appears to be the old battleground of the War of the Last Alliance.
  • Frodo somehow manages to do the one thing he's not supposed to do, and falls in the water where he's surround by the dead bodies and their spiritual manifestations. They reach out for him before Gollum pulls him out.
  • That night, Frodo is up late petting his Ring when he hears Gollum reciting a verse. He calls Gollum Sméagol, and Gollum barely recognizes the name.
  • A Ringwraith riding some nasty winged beast flies overhead, calling for the Ring.
  • The three hide from it under some bush. The Nazgûl's calls hurt Frodo's wound, because he was sliced by a morgul blade.

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