Surprise, surprise. The Two Towers is a war movie. War is what drives the whole plot. All of this Ring bearing nonsense may seem really important, but it wouldn't be necessary if Sauron wasn't planning or re-taking over the world. The Ring had lain dormant for 2,000 years, but war has now forced the hand, and arms, of the free people.

But just because men don't want to go to war doesn't mean they won't do so, and do so with gusto. Between the speared orc head and Théoden's rousing speech, there's no lack of thirst for blood on the side of the good. Besides, in war and in death, sides don't matter too much.

Questions About Warfare

  1. Do you agree with Faramir's assessment of the dead Easterling? Could it be possible he is as innocent as the Gondorian soldiers?
  2. Speaking of Gondorian soldiers and all warriors of the free people, how innocent are they? Do they merely defend their homeland, or is their violence sometimes without honor?
  3. If Treebeard says "war affects us all," why does he still refuse to fight?

Chew on This

There is only selfishness in warfare. The elves are reluctant to send a small company to Helm's Deep while Théoden doesn't even consider calling for aid from Gondor. It is every nation for itself.

The loss of life from battle must be weighed against the possibility of the loss of an entire nation. Sending soldiers out to die at the hands of the enemy is senseless when the people of a nation aren't under immediate threat.

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