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The Usual Suspects Edie Finneran (Suzy Amis)

Edie Finneran (Suzy Amis)

You might say that Edie Finneran has a thing for bad boys. She's girlfriend to Dean Keaton, who seems to have been a pretty bad guy himself (at least if we buy Kujan's description of Keaton as a vicious murderer).

Edie's a defense lawyer and Keaton's a crooked former-cop—makes sense, in a way, right?

But, no surprise—this relationship doesn't work out very well. Not only do the cops humiliate Keaton by putting him into a lineup with known criminals, but he's unwittingly manipulated into going to L.A. at the wishes of Keyser Söze (if we can trust Verbal's story that far). This leaves Edie behind, and leaves her vulnerable to Keaton's enemies.

According to Verbal, Keyser's henchman Kobayashi says that Söze will order Edie's death if Keaton refuses to cooperate and attack the supposed dockside drug shipment for Söze—Kobayashi actually has Edie in his office building, since she's working on an extradition with him (it turns out to be the extradition of Arturo Marquez, the snitch Söze wants to kill—and does kill).

So, Keaton cooperates and participates in the assault, the purpose of which was actually to allow Söze to sneak in and kill Marquez. Söze murders Keaton once the job is done… and Edie's body is later found in a motel room in Pennsylvania (also a victim of Söze).

Kujan thinks that Keaton actually killed her, but the final revelation indicates that Verbal likely ordered Edie's death.

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