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The Usual Suspects Redfoot (Peter Greene)

Redfoot (Peter Greene)

Who ever thought that a guy who deals in stolen goods would turn out to be untrustworthy? The five "usual suspects" seem kind of surprised when Redfoot manipulates them, but, hey—they should've seen it coming.

Redfoot is their Californian connection through McManus. After they steal emeralds from a smuggler in New York—humiliating two crooked cops in the process—they fly to L.A. to sell the jewels to Redfoot, who is a "fence" (someone who buys stolen stuff). He and his crew meet them at the Korean Liberty Bell outside L.A.—and then offer to let them do a new job, stealing jewels from a smuggler named Saul Berg.

Unfortunately, this job doesn't go off as well as the first one—they end up killing Berg and his two guards, and discover that they've actually been hired to steal heroin, not jewels. Angry, they return to Redfoot, who ends up revealing that a lawyer named Kobayashi (who turns out to be Keyser Söze's representative) ordered the job. They nearly have a shoot-out with Redfoot, but tensions subside and he drives away.

And, oh—Redfoot isn't real. Verbal invented him, picking the name "Redfoot" off the bulletin board in the police station office where Kujan interrogates him. Kujan, of course, realizes this way too late.

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