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The Usual Suspects Scene 3

Scene 3

Scene 3

  • The action switches back to the present. An FBI agent, Jack Baer, stops at the dock where corpses who died during the incident on the boat from the first scene are wrapped in body bags.
  • He talks to a cop who tells him that fifteen people died and two survived. One survivor doesn't speak English and the other is "some cripple from New York" (this guy is Verbal, the narrator).
  • Special Agent Kujan flies in from New York to interrogate Verbal. Verbal talks to a cop, Sgt. Rabin, who tells him that the D.A. in L.A. cut a deal with Verbal, agreeing to only charge him with weapons violations in exchange for testimony.
  • He claims Verbal's being protected by someone high up.
  • Rabin leads Kujan into an office. Kujan says he doesn't want to interrogate him; he just wants to have a chat.
  • Kujan thinks there's more to Verbal's story, because there were drugs on the boat where the murders happened—meaning that it probably wasn't a drug deal, which contradicts what Verbal told the cops.
  • Meanwhile, the FBI Agent (Baer) visits the other, badly burned survivor in a hospital—a Hungarian criminal named Arkosh Kovash.
  • Kovash attracts Baer's attention when he starts raving in Hungarian, and speaks the name "Keyser Söze."

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