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The Usual Suspects Scene 4

Scene 4

Scene 4

  • Back at the L.A. police station, Kujan talks to Verbal. Kujan tells Verbal that he thinks Verbal knows more than he's saying.
  • He suspects that Verbal doesn't want to reveal anything bad about Keaton, who Kujan thinks was a bad dude (he was a formerly corrupt cop).
  • Kujan starts interrogating Verbal, and Verbal takes us back to what happened in New York, weeks earlier…
  • We see Keaton's girlfriend walking out of jail with him. Keaton's worried about the ongoing suspicion surrounding him because of his former ways.
  • He feels humiliated by the way the cops dragged him into the police lineup.
  • He watches Verbal cross the street, and sees the other three suspects hanging out, staring at him while he hugs his wide.
  • Fenster and McManus want Keaton involved in the crime they're planning. Verbal goes to convince Keaton, who's angry at first.
  • But when Verbal explains the crime—intercepting an emerald smuggler from South America—Keaton's intrigued (although he hits Verbal at one point).
  • Some corrupt cops are escorting the smuggler, and the five criminals figure they can get back at the cops by robbing the jewels…and making sure not to kill anyone.
  • The heist will net them more than three million bucks.

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