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The Usual Suspects Scene 5

Scene 5

Scene 5

  • The heist goes as planned—they hem the corrupt cops in with three vans and rob the emeralds and money at gunpoint, before dousing the car with gasoline and burning it (the cops dive out in time).
  • They successfully get revenge on police cops for putting them in the lineup and hassling them, since—bonus—this crime exposes police corruption and causes havoc in the NYPD.
  • After debating who's going to sell the jewels to their connection in L.A.—a man named Redfoot—they all decide to go, to make sure they don't get ripped off.
  • Before they leave, Keaton goes to look at his girlfriend once at her office.
  • Back in the present (in the L.A. police station) Rabin leaves the office, while Kujan continues to interrogate Verbal. Rabin continues listening in via headphones from elsewhere in the station.
  • Kujan tells Verbal he's not buying the notion that Keaton was regretful about being a criminal because he wanted to please his girlfriend.
  • Kujan says that the Keaton he knew was a cold-blooded killer who murdered other prisoners while he was in Sing-Sing, and killed witnesses who were going to testify against him.
  • The craziest thing, he says, is that Keaton apparently faked his own death at one point—he seemed to have died in a warehouse explosion two years earlier, but the two witnesses to his "death" died mysteriously within three months.
  • At the hospital, Agent Baer gets a doctor who can speak Hungarian to translate for Kovash. Kovash says he and the criminals weren't buying drugs but "people."
  • He also claims he saw the devil—by which he means a master criminal named Keyser Söze—in the harbor killing some of the criminals.
  • He begins describing Söze to the doctors, one of who starts sketching a drawing of what Söze might look like.

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