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The Usual Suspects Scene 6

Scene 6

Scene 6

  • Back in the police station office, Kujan menaces Verbal, telling him that he knows he's hiding the truth.
  • Verbal continues narrating the story. They bring the emeralds to L.A. and sell them to Redfoot, McManus's connection.
  • Redfoot offers them a new job, stealing jewelry from a jeweler in L.A. They take it.
  • While chatting, Keaton admits that he shivved (stabbed) one of Redfoot's associates in prison, but there seems to be no issue between them. Keaton's reluctant to go on this second job, but McManus nags him into it.
  • They rob the jeweler, Saul Berg, in a parking garage—though things get pretty hairy, and they kill the jeweler and his two bodyguards. (Verbal himself shoots Berg in the head).
  • They escape, but discover that the case they've robbed has heroin in it—not the jewels they were expecting. Berg was actually a drug dealer.
  • Meeting with Redfoot again, Redfoot tells them he didn't know it was drugs they were meant to intercept—someone else, a lawyer named Kobayashi, assigns him these jobs. Things get a little tense, and they pull guns on each other, but Redfoot leaves without incident.

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