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The Usual Suspects Scene 8

Scene 8

Scene 8

  • Verbal tells Kujan that he can't catch Keyser Söze—and that he thinks Söze is already after him.
  • We cut to the hospital, where we see the doctor sketching a picture of Söze based on Kovash's description (though we don't see what the picture looks like).
  • But back to Verbal's story—Fenster tries to bail out of Söze's offer, and gets murdered. Kobayashi directs the four remaining guys to where Fenster's body is, in a cave down by the sea.
  • They decide to kill Kobayashi. Decision made, they bury Fenster in the cave.
  • We see Kobayashi walking into his office building, as the guys spring into action, planning on ambushing him in the elevator.
  • They shoot two of Kobayashi's associates and take Kobayashi captive. They tell Kobayashi they won't go through with the deal, and McManus puts a gun to his head. Keaton says he doesn't believe Söze is real.
  • Kobayashi tells them that Keaton's girlfriend is currently in his office waiting to conduct business on an extradition with him. The implication is that she's at risk of being murdered if they kill Kobayashi.
  • Keaton won't believe him, but Kobayashi shows them that she really is in his office, proving his point. Before seeing them off, Kobayashi names the family members he'll kill if they won't do what he wants.
  • Keaton stares at his girlfriend (who doesn't see him), while Kobayashi goes back into the meeting.

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